Kenosis Ministries

KENOSIS is a Greek word that means self emptying… I think of a butterfly freeing itself from a cramped up cocoon and flying away – so light, so beautiful… The less there is of us the more there is of Christ – then we too will be like that butterfly touching people’s hearts wherever we go!

Kenosis Ministries is being newly formed to encourage people to throw away the holds of the cocoon that is not letting them be FREE – to be the person that God wants us to be – which is what is indeed best for us! The holds of the cocoon are many – starting from the current world trends of selfish ambition, materialism to the cultural strongholds that hold us down (for example “what will other people think?) or even religiousness / legalism when scripture is mishandled – out of context and to suit one’s own beliefs rather than in context of the entire Word and nature of God! Truth and grace should be balanced carefully.

So yes, our motto is “More of Christ, Less of Us”.

Having had my heart broken watching and also hearing directly from people whose lives have been crippled by the various “holds of the cocoon” including judgmental legalistic Christians (who obviously haven’t experienced grace first hand), this ministry stemmed to deal with the root causes through Christian love and not stop with merely treating the symptoms.

God loved us even when we didn’t love Him.. Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sin and to reconcile us with our Heavenly Father. Isn’t that the heart of God? Not to bash us and condemn us, but to reconcile us with Him.. to echoe His heart beat?

7 thoughts on “Kenosis Ministries

  1. Am Founder/President of Kenosis Outreach Ministry-Ghana.Am happy to read your post and I believe we share the Same Message(obviously something in common).Please send me your Personal Email Address:I wants us to partners in ministry if you dont mind.GOD richly bless you.

    our mott:bring hope& revival


  2. Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ who totally emptied(Kenosized) Himself for the Fathers’ will.
    My name is Moses Kenosis Koom-Dadzie,founder/president of Kenosis Outreach Ministry-Ghana in West Africa.I encountered this name at the Bible School(Endtime Harvest Bible. School);a branch campus of Logos Christian College in Ghana.


      1. Thanks friend…………2yrs now;but all the same there’s a reason for everything.I trust the LORD has been faithful to HIS Word.I’m in South Africa for 2yrs now with the Kenosis gospel. This is my email address (,Pls do expect my emails.Shalom!


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