Blocked Vision

I was walking into a shop that I frequent a lot – at least I had been frequenting during pre COVID days. While entering the shop, I tripped over a step and thankfully was able to gain balance without falling. The security at the entrance ready with the hand sanitiser commented that this happens because the mask is blocking our peripheral sight. I hadn’t thought of that before and realised it makes sense.

How often do we wear things that block or at least partially block our spiritual sight that we trip or even fall flat on our faces? What are the masks that cause it? Some of the masks could be a good thing but yet hinders our path. For example could it be a mask of career or education? Could it be a mask of hypocrisy or of pride as those certainly hinder our walk with God? Are we wearing a mask of fear that kills our faith or a mask of deceitfulness of wealth that chokes us?

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