Stubborn Hearts

How often do we hear Gods voice and decide that’s not for us? Of course we are human and can easily misunderstand what He is saying. God knows that, He understands that. But what about the times when God nudges us over and over again? It could be directly His voice or it could be a Word that leaps up quickening by the Holy Spirit when we study the Bible and we know it’s a specific word for us or it could be through some one else. How often are we open to confirmation so that we can rule out whether what we heard is of the flesh or whether it is from Satan?

How would Jesus view those with stubborn hearts? Some people were watching Jesus to see whether He would heal the man with a shrivelled hand on the Sabbath. Read Mark 3:1-7. Jesus questioned them but all remained silent.

The New International version of the Bible states Jesus was then deeply distressed at their stubborn hearts and He looked around at everyone with anger.

How would God feel about you at this particular moment? Are you causing Him to be deeply distressed because of your stubbornness? Or is He moved with compassion by the way you are yearning to surrender your will to His will and your remorse at the times of failure? He isn’t looking at appearances but He is looking right into hearts. He sees the contrite heart and leads gently one step at a time.

2 thoughts on “Stubborn Hearts

  1. Yes Priya, you continue to penetrate the human condition by the power of the Holy Spirit, Wow thank you so much. We can so easily block out the voice of GOD because of our own selfish desires which battles against what the LORD would have us do. So keep up the fantastic work and we pray even more impact and success in the future. We praise the LORD for your anointed ministry and byeee for now Andi


    1. Thanks Andi. Yes let’s pray that we wont have stubborn hearts that Jesus gets deeply distressed over. And all glory to God for His guidance, inspiration and intervention. Thanks for being the blessing you always have been to me


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