There were things of the long ago past that I regretted. One particular example were areas of how I could have been a better daughter to my late parents. A mere few days later in my Bible study time God showed me the verses in the book of John where Jesus speaks of pleasing His Father in heaven. It was never about pleasing His parents on earth. It was about His real Father.. it was always about God.

Then there were other things I couldnt forgive myself for. God had to remind me afresh the power of the blood of Christ on the cross at Calvary. He went through all that suffering, that torture to pay the price for my sins and your sins. The heart felt remorse that leads to repentance is what He seeks from us. He wants us to forgive ourselves. God also wants us to forgive others.

It is the enemy that brings condemnation. God never condemns but convicts. The enemy says that God will let go of you or wont come through for you. But God wants us to trust Him that in His time He surely will step in. He delays so that we will have faith in Him and not depend on our own strength. He empties us so that there will be less of us and more of Christ.

Earthly people will boast of their accomplishments and assets. God looks at our surrender to Him…. Our faith in Him….

Dont be hard on yourself but get the refreshment that comes from Him and Him alone.

2 thoughts on “Refreshment

  1. thank you Priya for your ministry you are a true blessing from the LORD .restore refresh renew Wow


    1. Thank you Andi for being such an encouragement. Yes restore refresh renew. We serve an awesome God.


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