In An Underground Cellar

It was a room of pitch darkness… more like a cellar underground.  The little square window towards ground level seemed to be of no use.  Standing on the floor of the cellar looking up to it seemed as if it was a pretty long way away.  Unreachable rather! Suddenly, light shone through that tiny window.  It was so bright that it was dazzling expelling the darkness in a jiffy.

Many of you seem to be in dark bleak situations – with the window of solution to the situation or escape from the situation out of your reach.  You can’t see anything.  Yet for God – it’s a matter of just a simple moment.  His glory will shine upon the situation and blow you off your feet – literally.  Whether He asking you to stay still and change the situation around or whether He has been nudging you to escape from the situation you are in, He is now shedding light on what ought to be done.  God’s Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our paths.

Remember, prayer isn’t us asking for what we want done in our flesh but rather about surrendering our will to yield to His perfect plan… prayer is a time of humility to yield to Him laying down things of the flesh including our limited meagre human wisdom.  As we keep looking up to Him, we will see that little window but one which cannot limit our BIG God!

Yes, it may seem like a small window of hope but that small window is absolutely of no block or hindrance for our Almighty God.  Keep looking up to Him – He wants that intimacy with you…. Keep turning to Him and remember those who turn to Him will be radiant and not put to shame.  May God’s glory shine on you, shine upon your situation (whether to get you out of it or whether to turn the things around and keep you right where you are – He will make that clear to you) and may you shout out loud at the top of your voice testifying to His goodness!


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