Change – for better or for worse?

None of us are perfect and none of us will ever be… We are constantly changing.  Our exposure, experiences, atmospheres, interests, education all play a part in moulding us… Technology and social media is constantly bombarding us with information – perhaps even information overload.  We are in a day and era that we need to filter out even more that ever before – to filter out what is truth, what is a lie, what is an exaggeration, what is a ploy to get attention or a hoax or a scheme to outdo others or even undercut others and get business…

Change is an unavoidable outcome of all the above.  Our mindsets, our thoughts, our diets, our choices all change.  Some people change so drastically that you can’t even recognise them anymore – they are now like strangers and aloof.  Some choose to chase after material things at the expense of those who relationships, their priorities change so the people who may have even given them a necessary helping hand are not good enough for them any longer…

Fact Is none of us can be or will be stagnant.  We are constantly changing for either better or for worse!

What does this mean to us as believers?

Artificial things compete with the natural things and life becomes a ‘scientific’ process which is much different to the way God had planned for us at the onset!  Often our changes are in direct opposition to God’s will…   These ‘choices’ can come across as ‘good’ for us, just like Eve saw that the fruit was good for food, pleasing to the eye and good for wisdom.  She partook of the forbidden fruit and gave some to Adam too… It all became HISTORY (His story).  Good without God is evil.

We need more and more discernment than ever before with all these competing factors that do induce favourable or unfavourable changes.

As believers yes, change is absolutely NECESSARY.  We are all fallen beings and not one of us is perfect.  For that purpose alone, change is necessary but the change should be to being RESTORED into God’s perfect image, to get back the identity we lost as a result of sin which started with his-story!

We are born on earth to imperfect humans, raised in imperfect environments and situations… and all do have an impact on us.  However, now that we have come into the Lord, we don’t need to be CARRYING those unnecessary burdens.

To let go of the burdens however, we need to place them at God’s feet and ask Him to search our hearts.  Let Him put you into an anesthesia of deep sleep if necessary but let Him do the surgery.  Spend much time at His Feet and let Him operate.  It may seem painful at the time but no surgery is without pain.  The right proper surgery leads us to freedom.

God will do the surgery spiritually and emotionally and physically if you will let Him and you feel a lightened self after that… It’s incredible… just like the caterpillar that is cramped up in the dark tight cocoon to be set free as the fluttering beautiful butterfly, a new creation.  So will you be that new creation no more in condemnation.

Let God heal you from the traumas of the past, of the negative experiences which are now playing up as symptoms in your life, that create issues and obstacles in your work atmospheres and in your relationships with family, friends and that special someone.  You don’t’ need to be stuck in that place where you are doing what you don’t want to be doing.

God is waiting to see you free… but you need to give Him permission to do that.  It is God’s heart and desire to set us free from emotional hurts and generational curses.  Throw off everything that is not off Him, don’t carry unnecessary burdens and run into His arms for Him to take away and keep them away.

Do not CONFORM to the ways of the WORLD but instead be TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING of your minds and KNOW God’s Perfect and pleasing will for your lives!

Ask God for discernment to know what is of the world and what is of God.  That’s the winning solution!

Suppressing fears and anxieties is wallowing in your cocoon

Be released from your cocoon of being held down

And emerge as the beautiful light spirited butterfly.



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