Miss the Boat

It could be miss the bus too I guess, but missed the boat adds more food for thought.  The buses in Sri Lanka are so frequent that waiting 2 minutes seems so long.  It takes me back to memory lane, back home to the West, where we had train and bus schedules – that we need to plan to get our connections right let alone not to waste time hanging at the bus halt.  Lack of checking the time table could lead us to miss the bus and hang around the halt for about half an hour.  Imagine boat schedules then!  How relatively infrequent would they be?  Missing the boat would have deeper implications.  Yet even more so, imagine if the boat you missed is to be the last boat trip ever, that they were to be abolished in the future?

We all know what happened to those who missed the ‘boat’ aka the ark, who perhaps thought Noah was foolish to build the ark on a mountain top, while they were the smart ones!

As of late, I just feel God is burdening me to write over and over again, cautioning each one of us who claim to be Christians to watch out.

  • Are you going to miss the boat?  Or would you be able to make it on time?
  • What would it take for you to NOT miss the boat?
  • What changes to your life would you have to make? Your priorities, how you spend your time etc.
  • How much of time do you spend in intimacy with God, yearning to hear His voice, studying His Word indepth, surrendering to His will, praising Him?  If you can’t do it on earth for a short while would God deem you as desiring to praise and worship Him for eternity in Heaven?
  • Have you believed in the name of Jesus, received Him (abiding in HIM) and being led by the Holy Spirit? Remember Jesus said that we need to worship Him in Spirit AND in truth!
  • Have you been born again with water and in Spirit? Have been baptised and been clothed with Him? Are you being led by the Holy Spirit in renewed birth or are you still walking in the flesh desiring the things of the earth?

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