I kept seeing rainbows today 8 October in my FB newsfeed. A number of my FB friends had seen and clicked pictures from different partd of the world. Yes a global message eh. One friend from across the oceans knowing my love for rainbows went a step further and tagged me.

In my part of the world the skies have been gloomy.. oceans rough and gray.. I kept seeing rainbows in the spiritual realm and have been seated here for a bit waiting to see it in the natural.

No, I sheepishly admit I didn’t sit here quietly twiddling my thumbs. Sipping on my coffee and munching on some chocolate marie biscuits, I was having a huge heart to heart with God.

Why do I need to wait so long with all these teasers to be able to see the rainbow physically? Isnt it enough that I have been waiting year after year after year with too many occurrences of years to include all,  for the various visions regarding my ministries and my personal life to see it coming to pass.

Hang on having said that, why do You take so long to bring it all to pass as its not as of You cant make it happen with a click of your fingers let alone a spoken word?  Why do you keep showing me areas where I need to intercede or wage warfare to release the blessing? Why do I need to fight to see it all happen? You will fulfill so why do I need to wait let alone fight?

God began to speak and burdened me to start writing…

“It takes much faith to wait.. to believe what was shown to you in the spiritual would manifest in the natural just as God promised despite the physical eyes not being able to see it in yet.

Yes.. when you reflect on the real life stories of the Biblical characters. . Yes they were not fairy tales.. you see the majority if not all of the promises took many many many years to come to pass.

Some decided to try to make it happen. Abraham decided to use Sarah’s maid to have a son. . Oh yes that took place but that wasn’t Gods plan and God decided he would still have his way. Abraham’s pride of making it happen without further delay for his way his timing and his earthly limited wisdom paved the way for much heartache OBVIOUSLY!

The disobedience of the Israelites saw the vision prolonging further. Their murmuring and fear saw to their missing out from their promise and couldnt step in the promised land. They died just before that next step.

Yes it takes faith to be waiting for what seems forever and ever and ever.  And it takes trust in Me to keep fighting against the evil one and to intercede.”

Ok.. I finished writing it all and that on my phone.. people who know me know I’m so terrible terrible in typing on my smart phone.. My texts are horrendous in spelling mistakes and typos but there I can let them be so but not for a blog. Well I don’t anyway edit my blog and am not all that picky re spelling and grammar for it – however my phone typing standard is simply appalling.

Yet God gave me the grace I guess and it doesn’t look too bad. I’m still perched on a plastic chair near the balcony door with an eye on the beautiful sky mirroring the changes taking place as the sun decides to leave a mark on the ocean and the sky as it bids adieu for the day.

No I haven’t seen the physical rainbow today.. not yet at least.. but I have given up arguing with God as He has spoken through it all once He finally finally finally managed to get my attention. The word has been heard and put down in writing.

I look up and I see this scene which is the featured image!  He speaks in ways He wishes to speak 😀


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