Behind the Scenes…

The sun shines brightly, the powerful glares blinding the eyes… A cluster of pure white clouds passes by, reflecting that very brightness through itself.  A while later, a few misty type of dark clouds pass by.. subtly hiding the sun, yet even through that darkness, the sun’s radiance is visible revealing the fragility of the vapour of the clouds.  At another moment of time in the skies, dark clouds pass by hiding the sun, blocking it from the view.

In all these situations, the sun is right there.. shining in its fullness.  Yet how we see that very sun, depends on where we are standing and what is in the way!  Whether it’s a clear sky, partly cloudy, intense clouds, dark clouds or white clouds… the sun still exerts its fullest power.  That doesn’t change!

Likewise, God is there always!  It doesn’t matter whether we can see Him without any obstacles, or we get glimpses of Him or whether His glory is reflecting through the ‘barrier’ or whether we can’t see Him at all, the fact never changes that He is indeed there! Right there always.. He is ever present in His fullest capacity and nothing can ever ever undermine that… no trial, no suffering, no blessing can push away God’s presence.. even if we don’t feel it!

He is not just there but functioning always .. carrying out His purpose behind the scenes even when we don’t see Him or we don’t perceive what He is doing!  No matter what cloud of trial that is going on in our lives, as we look to Him, we are radiant and we reflect His glory!!!  But it takes us to look to Him and praise Him no matter what our circumstances are!

Often people think that it is through His provision and blessings that God can reveal who He is!  No way! that can be an avenue but I believe He can reveal Himself far stronger through the various circumstances, of how He can come through in a way that man cannot by Himself.  Yet for His glory to be manifested, we need to be so wrapped in His love and goodness, trusting Him, having faith that He will do what He has promised to do, that we will later be able to look back and realise that He has indeed worked behind the scenes.

When  Jesus went through His suffering and died on the cross… everyone thought it was all over!  They mocked Him.. they spat on Him.. but He had the last laugh!  He knew His purpose through the pain, the torture, the trauma.. Yet He surrendered His will of wanting out, but submitted to the Father’s will and was elevated…He rose from the dead and He ascended into heaven!  All those who mocked Him would have seen God’s supreme power through this act which isn’t possible by man!  That is how God shows Himself!!!

God’s greatness is showcased in His marvellous intricate unmatchable work of His hands, aka creation.  Take a moment to observe and reflect on His grandeur and Sovereignty.  Surrender yourself to Him humbly that His wisdom is way beyond your wisdom and analysis… that His ways and what He chooses to do for you and with you is always purpose driven and not perceived through our limited perceptions.  Whether your life seems to be in the ups or the downs stages, He is always there working behind the scenes, fulfilling His master plan for your life to get the glory!

It doesn’t matter what cloud is in the way or not, God is there loving you none the less and working behind the scenes.  Are you going to trust Him and love Him back?  Are you going to praise Him in all circumstances which can be done if we are wrapped in HIS love?

Look to Him and be radiant.. Embrace Jesus’ assurance that His peace is there with us in the inevitable troubles of life!


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