A Frame …. In A Dynamic Saga

“You have straight hair”, she said!  I responded, “No, I have wavy hair but for some strange reason, my hair seems to be straight these last couple of weeks”.   “You have straight hair”, he said!  I offered the same response as I did to the other stylist.  He went a step further, “Due to change in weather, peoples’ hair types change too”.  I looked quizzically wondering!  After having lived in the East and the West, in 5 countries in about 8 or more stages… from extreme winter to tropical climate, I couldn’t comprehend that.  I tried to tell him again that it could be due to the current ‘season’ being near the sea which made him stress his point again.  These were young salon staff who have gone through their training.  I guess they believe that their training is accurate and encompasses all situations.

After the first mishap of a hair cut the first time round, and the adjustment by the male stylist a few days later, I ended up losing much more of the length than I had desired to.  I had wanted to keep the length but as most hairstylists do, they too ‘adjusted’ the ‘error’ of the previous hair cut.

With the ‘heaviness’ of my hair taken away, after the next wash, my hair bounced back to its wavy texture.. the type of texture that enables me to get out of bed and not necessarily have to brush it.  I then realised that the ‘straight’ hair was the consequence of trying to grow my hair to one length, well at least at the back!  It turns out that I was right – my hair texture obviously hasn’t changed!  They may have their training, but I know my hair…. well it’s been with me for .. umm.. let’s just say many years!  They can perceive through their ‘education’ but I can know it on a personal level!

We often err in the same way as the stylists above…

What we see at first glance, is what we decide it is and we declare bold ‘statements’ based on our perceptions.

We then attempt to ‘minister’ to people based on what we see at this present moment.  The present moment may have very well been a ‘passing cloud’ in the other person’s life – whether emotionally or spiritually as everything with God is dynamic and never stagnant.  There may be times when things appear stagnant but much is always going on behind the scenes, the way He is  preparing us and preparing the way and knitting it all together… We see the ‘wrong side’ of the piece without seeing the masterpiece in progress.

Based on something we just saw on their FB newsfeed, we begin to offer unsolicited advice or ministry to someone who has posted something earlier – without realising that that has already become the ‘past’  where they are concerned as God had already intervened in their situations.  They may have written something on their status, sharing from their heart something that they have dealt with, and desiring to encourage someone else through this heart-felt sharing.  When we, the readers of that, are unable to comprehend the situation, we assume that they are writing that with pain and feel that they need to be ministered to.

What we see (the situation in question) may very well be a temporary setback, an oasis created by the enemy or a road block by God to slow down for a purpose… That doesn’t mean that’s where the person is truly at.

May we always always seek discernment and wisdom from God to be His mouthpiece, to have a tongue that brings healing and not offer words that are like a sharp thrust of the sword (Proverbs 12:18).


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