A Little Thank You

A little thank you.. but from the bottom of my heart..

The total views of this blog up to date this year has  already exceeded the total views of the 2016 total views.  I owe a big thanks to God first and foremost and then to each one of you for having spurred me on and encouraged me to keep going these 5 and a half years of blogging.

How have you spurred me on?

  1. Your likes on the blog or on FB where I share the links to each post
  2. Your sharing a post in various media
  3. Your comments / emails / messages etc on how it has encouraged you or touched you or challenged you
  4. Those of you who have financially sent support whether one off or regularly as God’s vessels to enable me to carry on my missions work on field these last 14 years without a set income… One of the ministries is this blog!

Yes, I still hold on to the promise I gave God – that even if just only one person somewhere out there in the world is touched by a blog post, I will be content as at the end of the day each and every soul, the delight of the heart of that soul, the intimacy that soul shares with God is important and precious to our Heavenly Father.. and that is what I long for.. That these blog posts will spur us on to seek Him deeply and intensively..

Thank you for being a blessing and I can only pray that this blog will continue to be an avenue through which God can touch people.. for me to be a surrendered vessel in His hands.



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