Tread with Caution

Jezebel was able to threaten Elijah and send this mighty prophet running for his life with immense fear away from what God called him to do.  The spirit of Jezebel is controlling, intimidating, and lacks love..  “You better listen to me as I know it all”…

The enemy wants to deter people from the narrow path.. He will use any scheme or ploy possible and often masquerades as an angel of light.  The words spoken through the one who is the vessel of the Jezebel spirit can be convincing that it is indeed God’s Word.. but it would be a word that doesn’t represent God’s nature, it will only put forth one side of the coin.  When ‘listening’ to this voice, we give the enemy a foothold into our lives, to step in.. and the more we ‘listen’ to this voice, the more we will be controlled.  God is calling you to flee not from what He has for your life but from this voice of mockery, of condemnation.

God doesn’t condemn, He convicts and He continues to love.  He gives us free will and He loves us even when we don’t listen to Him… The Jezebel spirit will try to manipulate you and make you feel that you are the one who has got it wrong… Elijah was intercepted by God and was willing to heed to God’s voice.

Are you willing to listen to God’s interception?

Are you being rattled by the Jezebel spirit?  If you aren’t being rattled and you stand firm, the jezebel spirit will block you to make you feel condemned.

Are you listening to prophetic words that are uttered through this controlling spirit, that is legalistic with a high and mighty attitude?  Ask God for wisdom, for discernment, to know the source… so that you don’t get controlled and steered away by this subtle foothold.

There are many amazing men and women of God, who are being controlled by this spirit and thus pushing away those who are truly being led by the Spirit, as their minds have been incited, tarnished.

Seek God, test every prophecy and allow the Holy Spirit to illuminate, reveal, and guide you to know what is of HIM!


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