Conditions to Promises

Think of parents promising their teenagers who have reached the age of being eligible to get their driving licenses, that they would gift them a vehicle.  Yet the condition to this promise would be that they need to PASS the driving exam.  Imagine if they failed and the parent still gave them the car?  Would it be a ‘loving’ thing to do then?  The CONDITION is for the protection of not only the child but to society on the whole – from other motorists to pedestrians.

I sense God telling me that many are not receiving fulfillment of the specific prophecies that were uttered to them (and confirmed through His vessels) because they have steered off course, they haven’t done what they were supposed to do to get the ‘reward’ and in that particular situation, it would be detrimental to them as well as others around them, to see the fulfillment of that specific word.  It’s not that the prophecy given was false, it was that their response to the word  wasn’t what was expected from them, and they know what was expected.

Some have been praying for years for something and as God was removing the hurdles and making the crooked path straight, have gone back on their word and turned the pursuit around for selfish gain.  God is asking you to evaluate your steps and see where you took the diversion from obedience and being steadfast..


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