Pack And Go

Doesn’t it sound a bit like one of those shops where you  scoop up the amounts that you need and get it weighed as opposed to having to purchase the standard weights of sales?!

I was drafting another blog post while this phrase, ‘Pack and Go’ came strongly to me and God was impressing for me to write this now!  Before I continue I feel led to first share my initial ‘pack and go’ experience.  14 years ago, God told me to ‘go back to the land of your fathers and relatives and I will be with you’.  A pretty new Christian at the time, I tried to ‘fit it’ to being Australia as that’s where my father and a number of family members were living.  I was in Canada at the time.  However, in my spirit I felt this nagging thought that it was my country of birth where I had hardly lived and certainly didn’t belong.  God had His ways and confirmed to me that it was indeed Sri Lanka.

It wasn’t easy.  I had a high paying career and I was someone who loved to keep my apartment coordinated and with themes to the point that I had won the runner up prize for the best decorated apartment in the few apartment buildings of about 19 floors each that belonged to the same management.  (Education-wise I am an Engineer and I was working in I.T. at that time.. )Leaving all that, giving everything away was a very tough decision but I simply knew God had led me to PACK and GO.

After having led a nomadic chapter of 6 odd years, God blessed me with this rented apartment nearly a year ago.  It was so lovely to gather my Sri Lankan stuff out of storage – nothing is coordinated, pieces of stuff here and that were mainly given to me.  To make this furnished apartment home, I just bought a few things to give it a ‘personal’ feel and try to put it together with a somewhat kind of theme.  I went and bought a few ‘nice’ things and then God said STOP.  I’m like, why not God?  I finally have a place to call home at least for a year or so.  He went silent so I knew I had to stop without questioning.

I then realised, the desire to have things coordinated and attractive was distracting me from the tasks that He had placed on my heart.. the Kingdom things He wanted me to do and the quality time He wanted me to spend in relationship with Him.  He reminded me after I had acknowledged my misplaced priorities, that even good things may not be GOD things..

Pack and Go..

God calls us to ‘go’ to the world.. and teach them…  Some are literally asked to do the travelling.. and the others are asked to stay put and work to support those who are doing the travelling.. the ‘going’.  At the end of the day we are all called to FIRST seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

The issue is for all of us – in either categories – is that we do have a tendency to get distracted from our priorities and we tend to ‘store up’ and ‘hoard’ things.. we tend to get carried away beautifying things and making the place not only comfortable but attractive and perhaps even luxurious.. All the beings from two legged to four are pampered to fit into the backdrop too.

However, God reminds us PACK and GO…

He reminds us that the blessings that He gives us are to establish His Kingdom.. His Kingdom is within each one of us who believes so we look out for one another’s needs.. We also look to further extend this Kingdom.. that more people will come into intimacy with our Heavenly Father.  If we are hoarding, we can’t travel easily.. or we are prohibiting God’s work through those who are called to travel, to go according to each one’s gifting calling placement.

God is reminding each one of us today as to how Jesus led His disciples out.. He sent them asking them not to carry extras with them and that the right person will open the doors … and that the worker deserves His wages.

Jesus tells us that we cannot serve two masters.. where our treasure is where our hearts are too!  Is our treasure in the Kingdom of God or is it in our wealth, our assets, our bank balances, our beautiful homes, our affectionate pets..  What if God is asking you to give to support those who are sent to physically go?  What if God is asking you to GO?  Would these things that you treasure and value and maintain come in the way of obeying Him?  Would they allow you to pack up and go?  Would they allow you to be able to give to the extent that God is asking you to give?

God reminds us, to have less is what makes it easier to pack and go or be a part of others to pack and go -either way.

  • What is your BAGGAGE that becomes your IDOL?
  • Where and how can your resources including your time be better spent to store up heavenly treasures?

Pack and Go – ask God what this should mean to you and let Him speak to you and reveal any areas that need to be surrendered to Him!


2 thoughts on “Pack And Go

  1. Yes. it’s all about having a heart that says ‘yes’ when He calls. When you are busy with your own plans, thoughts and way of living, you can’t hear Him.

    But once you start following Him, life is a beautiful adventure. He leads, you follow and you get to see life manifest all around you. That’s what the disciples experienced when Jesus said, ‘follow me.’


    1. Absolutely! We watch water flowing around through over…. each situation has a different solution .. expecting the unexpected.. a little wash to a drench.. a beautiful adventure indeed

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