Completion of Wilderness

On this 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th year of this decade…. (sorry couldn’t resist writing that!)..

I saw a vision of an angel in the sky amidst purplish bluish pinkish tones… and the angel was blowing a trumpet.  As it was sounded, as if each note was being played, a cloud would be blowed out.  Those clouds then became billows of fire.

When I saw the cloud turning into fire, I instantly sensed the wilderness stage where the Israelites were led by the cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night.  It was God’s presence and leading every step of the day.  I realised this was an announcement but I felt something missing in the revelation.

Today, the 13th of July, God finally gave me a clear revelation filling in the blanks of the glimpses of revelation I had already received.  The revelation today though came through a prophetic word through someone being shared on FB on a mutual friend  Gypsy Dallas Smith ‘s page.  This spoke of God leading people out of the wilderness and the writer of the word   Jamie Rohrbaugh  mentioned she heard the Lord say like a trumpet!

The angel is God’s messenger while a trumpet denotes an announcement. I was inspired.. the leading by the cloud in those days but today after the work of Christ on earth, we are now covered by God’s presence and God lives in us.  The Holy Spirit was left behind when Christ ascended into heaven, and now we are led by the illumination of the Holy Spirit which also points to God’s glory!

Yes.. now we are the vessels being led out of our wilderness stage where we were moulded, purified, prepared, where His grace was sufficient for us, where we needed to learn the importance of intimacy with God and also enjoy, soak in His presence as that is something that is fundamental for the rest of our lives as believers.

Now God is leading those of us who went through that stage where God fed us, led us, sustained us completely even in the midst of ‘scarcity’ to now being led into the land flowing with milk and honey, where there will be abundance for provision of the visions He has laid on our hearts.. for the blessing to flow in us and through us.  He is leading us with His presence and His glory through the Holy Spirit.

His messenger has made the announcement on a day of ‘completion’…to announce the completion of the wilderness stage.  It is over.. Embrace the new.. Claim it in faith and arise!


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