Open Door that is Closed

Open door that is closed..

Closed door that is open..

Does that sound like a paradox to you?  Step into the Garden of Eden for a moment and think of God’s commandment to the first man and woman.  God clearly told Adam who then obviously relayed that to Eve after she was created, was not to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  The door remained open, God did not take the tree away let alone wither the fruit.. It was all there in its fullness.  The fruit was good for wisdom, good for food and pleasing to the eye.  All great stuff… Yet God had forbidden the eating of it.  The ‘door’ was open in the natural but closed in the spiritual.

God made it clear that eating the fruit would cause ‘death’ and it was spiritual death, death of the intimacy they shared with HIM in HIS presence, seeing them being banished from that paradise of the garden.  Often a number of GOOD choices are not God’s choices.

What was an open door in the natural – as the fruit was available to eat – was a closed door in the spiritual, not meant to be eaten in a desire of protection.

Likewise, there are often doors that are closed in the natural realm but are wide open in the spiritual realm, doors that need to be opened in faith, in waiting for God’s timing perhaps needing God’s preparation or spiritual warfare.. and we wait in hope for what we don’t have which brings us closer to God if we surrender.

Often we see doors and we ‘envision’ what is behind that door.. We often do not know for sure, for certain, what is behind the door… The beautifully painted door could be leading to a space of brightness and peace or it could be leading to a dark creepy attic full of evil spirits lurking, or to things of the darkness..

What is open in the natural may not be the door God has opened for you in the spiritual realm, and what is open in the spiritual may seem closed in the natural realm

We see many many examples of this in God’s Word… and in due time what SEEMED closed swung open and then NO MAN COULD SHUT that, no weapon of hell could fight against that.  When GOD says YES, no man can say NO.  God turns the heart of the king around like redirecting water.. God is sovereign.. and He can supremely turn situations around if it is His perfect will.

It is important for us to not see with our natural eyes but to always see and believe with our spiritual eyes.  Those who see with their natural eyes, whose spiritual eyes have scales on them will deem us as foolish.. We pray for them that their spiritual eyes will be opened.

To be able to see in the spiritual realm, much time of intimacy with God, yearning to hear His voice, yearning to feel His heart beat, meditating on His Word is required.. Being still and surrendering of our own wills and laying down of our earthly wisdom and evaluation is required.. Trusting in Him is important.. Faith that He will do what is PERFECT in HIS time and way is important.. Be still and know He is God, not be busy and run around and strive and know He is God.  In the being still, we hear Him leading us step by step, not unravelling the entire details all at once.

In that process, no door that seems closed will daunt us, and no door that we see flung wide open will tempt us.


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