Deeds of Darkness

God is saying that He is now beginning to expose the deeds of darkness that haven’t been brought under the Lordship of Christ..  He is going to deal with those wearing the self righteous cloak, who have been busy  pointing fingers at others but not having been dealing with their own issues.  They have been thinking they have managed to fool others and fool God but God hasn’t been fooled.  Like He did with David, He has been patient not wanting any to perish.  He has been longing for the softening of the heart and for the heart of stone to be replaced with the heart of flesh.  He has been sending the Nathans, the prophets, to warn them, to speak to them.. but they have been refusing to open their ears and hear.. They have been continuing to enjoy their double lives believing that they will not get caught.. They have been finding their stability.. their security.. in their good name and reputation..,

God is saying He is beginning the time of stripping away the masks, the pretence, the acts of self righteousness… and bringing it to the light.  This is not so that the people can perish but rather a last chance for them to be able to set their lives right.. He wants to strip off the legalism and religiousness giving them the chance to humble themselves and surrender to come into relationship with Him and with others.. He is stripping the facades and the false smiles that don’t reach the hearts… He is stripping away anything that belongs to lies, insincerities..

He wants people to worship Him in Spirit AND in TRUTH.. He wants those who will come into intimacy with Him out of a love relationship, not with expectations of what they can get but with a heart spurred by His love and His heart for people.. To see His kingdom come on earth, to see the work of the enemy thwarted.  That is our purpose in life.

For those who are serving Him and worshipping Him with their lips but their hearts are far far away, hidden in the things that are held in dark creepy attics, in rooms that have hidden doorways in the walls of their inner life, those things God is bringing to the light.. Just like God exposed those dark areas through Ezekiel, He is doing the same now.. exposing the leaders especially and the idols they have been carefully hiding away without being caught – not just statues  but the various things that have taken the place of God.. things and people that trust and value is being placed on instead of God..,. Wealth, assets, name, status, pets.. He is coming with love but with righteousness so that people will begin to search HIM and HIS KINGDOM and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Whatever the people leading double lives are hiding, wherever their heart’s treasures are, He knows, He knows He says He knows it clearly.. and these are the things these people have denied when the prophets have spoken.. But He knows.. And His time of patience is up.. this is the last straw so that the people who are called to worship Him will indeed be the chosen ones too.,

Let him who have ears hear, let him who have eyes see…



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