Unless God Builds…

The apartment in which God blessed me to live for a time and a season, is in a central location and a place where one can enjoy God’s presence through His creation not only from the balcony but from within the balcony too.  What could have been a perfect building in a perfect location, was marred by the sloppy job of the original builders as well as those who have been repairing or renovating it over the years.  One thing I had noticed about this apartment was that it’s all irregular, the walls are constructed unevenly – you can measure one width at one end of the wall and another width at the other end.  Builders who I guess were hired cheaply who aren’t professionals but who are ‘able’ to do the job – and what they have done is obviously to get their wages but with their heart so far away.  With ability in building, one also needs to know the time to build, the time to let it dry and set before continuing onto the next stage etc etc.

This verse obviously comes to mind:

Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labour in vain.

Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain – Psalm 127:1

Our spiritual walk is often very much the same.  We may be ‘able’ to do something, and especially when we can get a ‘reward’ from it (payment, recognition, favour etc) we go ahead with it.   Others encourage you as it is using your ‘abilities’.., that’s the way the world operates.. You apply all your skills in every situation possible and the world applauds you for not being lazy, for being responsible and for being effective.  (Yes yes, I was one of those who loved the applause of the world and would strive higher and higher!).

Often we see our ‘ability’ which could easily be what we think is an ability – like the labour of the builders of this building -and they achieve the end goal yet which is far off from quality.  We see many ‘worship leaders’ too who play instruments or sing – yet they go off tune so much or are unable to lead the people into worshipping God.

Often applying our perceived ability can actually have detrimental results.  Back at Engineering school, in our design course, I remember we couldn’t get enough times of warning from the lecturer.  He used to show presentations after presentations of failed projects around the world which caused many deaths.  He would always stress on the fact that 99% isn’t good enough.  Yes many can design and build and take it off ground, but it can become fatal too.

Likewise with our spiritual walk too.  God may have put a vision in our heart.  Until God has prepared us fully and imparted all the details to us over time and given us clarity, we need to stay put.  For those of us who run ahead of God and God’s timings and hash out the details in their ways, they will be causing more harm and spiritual death being the vessel of the enemy instead of God.  See the enemy loves to use what seems ‘good’ to distract God’s children from carrying out what is of GOD… All his desire is to stop God’s Kingdom from expanding and that also includes the intensity of our relationship with God as we, each person is where the Kingdom of God is.

By not waiting at His Feet for His timing, we often misconstrue the message God has given us.  Yes Satan will open all the doors for you to run through as you are taking a premature message that will harm and affect people, causing their spiritual death instead of building them up.  Think of pregnancy and premature birth – the latter most likely causes complications if not death for both the baby and the mother.

Not all open doors are from God and we see that a lot in the Bible.  (I have written a number of blog posts on open doors, closed doors and revolving doors.. feel free to search the blog if you want to read more on it).

God may have shown you to build the house… but unless God spiritually builds it in His time and way and for His purpose, the one who is building in the natural is going to build in vain.  People can “rise early and stay up late toiling for food to eat… But He says He grants sleep to those He loves.” (Psalm 127:2).  This can lead us to examine our lives and ask God if we are lacking sleep through toiling.. and if we are, we need to ask what are we toiling for, and if God was in it would we be toiling lacking sleep?  If God was in what we are doing, we would have the balance of ‘rest’ and ‘sleep’ as that is how God has created us to be.  Being superhuman isn’t God’s way at all just as much as being independent and self sufficient too.

He created the DIFFERENT parts of the Body to bring about the parts together… their gifts to the table and pool them. To one He gave the gift of giving, and He expects those people to give generously so that the other gifts of His body can move without restriction filling His purpose.

Yet in everything, we need to remain HUMBLE and CLEARLY hear from God .. We don’t look at things from our natural eyes but from our spiritual eyes.  We discern what ‘ability’ is perceived, which ability isn’t the tool He wants us to use for the specific moment, and when that moment is.  We remember David wanting to build a temple for God, God led him to gradually prepare the ‘field’ and it was his son Solomon who eventually was called to build.  Not all visions are for us to implement but could be for us to get the details and pass on to those He has called to run with it.

There may be many tools in our toolbox, but not all tools will be used for each specific job.

God’s DETAILS, God’s TIMING, God’s PURPOSE, God’s WAYS – of even which tool you have on hand to be used…  A worshipper in spirit and in truth will surely be led by the Spirit in every thought, every action and every move.


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