Pride Before A Fall

I went to sleep unable to focus on what I had been working on.  Following a thread on a discussion in a group left me saddened.  One person was bashing people with legalism, a link of a totally out of context article and images of mockery without ‘love’ in his approach let alone without a heart that wanted to understand where others were coming from.  I was just saddened at how many people he was condemning through his ‘arguments’, people whom God had set free…

My heart was heavy and God kept speaking to me through Scriptures .  He also reminded me that He will use the same measure of judgement which each person uses for others.  As I closed my eyes, I saw a beautiful vivid vision which lasted only a minute or so.  I saw a cloud and then the head of the lion with the lion roaring.. and suddenly a rainbow was above it.  It was so encouraging, and the vision disappeared.  He reminded me again that He will judge those who judge others based on appearances and using their fleshly wisdom.

He will judge those severely who judge others in a severe manner.. who don’t know the facts and don’t even want to know the facts… but yet go to offer advice, and make people feel ‘inadequate’ or ‘not good enough’.. that they have got it right but the other hasn’t.

God then spoke to me about Haman who was CONTROLLING the king.  His tactics were working out well, and pride got into him… Yes, when the fall came it was a HUMILIATING process – honouring the very one that he was set out to get killed, the very one that threatened him.  Mordecai refused to obey Haman and Haman couldn’t handle not being able to control him.  This controlling spirit took him to wanting to see the entire Jewish race perishing… and that in turn led to his own destruction..

God remains patient for a time and a season.. and then suddenly He will rise up and turn the tables around.  Those endeavouring to control and condemn others will be controlled and condemned by God.  He is warning us of using the same standards.

A sweet smile isn’t an act of love when the  smile conceals pride or control… God sees beyond what we see… and He isn’t fooled.. He will exalt those who are humbled and humiliated by others – and in order to do that, those who exalt themselves over the others will be brought down resulting in their own destruction.

Whatever ministry we do, if we lack LOVE for one another, love the stems from the heart, not pretense love that seeks to devour and control to elevate oneself.. then all is pointless.

Jesus summarises all the laws and commandments into the TWO greatest commandments that are 3 fold in nature – loving God, then others as self.


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