A Few Revelations Through the Rainbow

The first time God set a bow in the clouds it was as an assurance to His promise that He would never wipe off mankind from the face of the earth with floods.  It was the SIGN of the covenant between Him and the earth (Genesis 9:13,14).

The rainbow in the clouds is also used to depict the likeness of the glory of God:

 Like the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the radiance around him. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the LORD. – Ezekiel 1:28

A rainbow is also said to encircle God’s throne (Revelations 4:3) in heaven while a rainbow is around His head when He comes robed in clouds (Revelations 10:3).

With the many appearances of rainbows in recent days, God has spoken much through it.  I have noticed that not always is the rainbow in the cloud, it could actually not even be raining.  God reminded me that while it’s sunny for us, that it is appearing in the clouds and the rain for someone else.. while from afar we are enjoying it.  Whether we are in the storm, or not, His assurance remains with us, His presence can dazzle us if only we would take some time to pause and praise Him and glorify His Name.  I always find rainbows beckoning me even deeper into His presence, making me drop whatever it is I’m doing let alone waking me up from my slumber (cat nap) when He wants my attention.  The rainbow has also been a Rhema word to me, assuring me that what He has said, He has said… and encouraging me to stay put and run the race even if those around me may not understand.  People can distract you from the narrow path and when you don’t listen to them, claim you are ‘un-teachable’ or ‘stubborn’.  Yet that’s ok as God wants people who will safeguard HIS pearls that He entrusts us with.  At the end of the day, it’s between us and God, not us and them…

For a few days, I would just see segments of the rainbow and not the semi circle in its entirety.  It would be disappointing but nonetheless a faint second rainbow often appears too.  However, the last few rainbows had been semi circles with wider spectrums.  Dazzling.. Dark clouds threaten to cover it, to conceal it from the eye.  Yet the spiritual eye tends to discern the rainbow even before it appears to the natural eye.

In one of the more recent rainbows, I actually saw another rainbow segment that was at at TANGENT to the initial one and then as that faded another faint second outer rainbow appeared.

He has been sharpening our spiritual eyesight…  showing us that that is significant!  The natural cannot perceive what is of the spirit.  In fact the man of the world looks at the man of the spirit and thinks of him as ‘foolish’ but God will use His foolishness to shame the wise of the earth.  The spiritual eyes foresee before it happens… the natural eyes most likely will not discern it simultaneously.  In fact there is almost always a LAG, at least a slight lag if not for a lag of years, before the natural sees what the spiritual has already perceived.  The spiritual may have understood the Rhema word that God had given even though the natural hadn’t comprehended it.. but the Holy Spirit has deposited the truth and will illuminate and reveal when the time is right.

Through the tangent rainbow God was reminding me that we will see what no man has seen, what no ears have heard.. He will amaze us, surprise us..and for that we shouldn’t limit Him to the box but have expectations to let Him move in the way HE would want to move, reveal AND lead us!  Remember we do not know which way the wind would come from let alone the direction it would head.. Likewise it is with the leading of the Holy Spirit…

He will lead me in one direction and you in another..

and sometimes even through the wild goose chase of life too!  

Don’t expect God to move in the way He did for another.. let alone God to move in another’s life the way He leads you either!

I have been amazed at the Rhema words which I had no understanding of when given to me years ahead of time, then having come to pass, the words make utmost sense to me.. No, I don’t just connect the words either.. the illumination suddenly comes, perhaps even years after the fulfilment of the word.  Some of the fulfilments aren’t a one off thing and until we are READY to perceive the deeper spiritual things, He won’t reveal them to us… Until we have been good stewards of what He has entrusted to us, He won’t be able to bless us with pearls of greater value.  I’m not referring to the materialistic, although that may have be a component of it for some, but of spiritual truth and intimacy with Him.. and then fulfilment of the visions. Of course with this will come trouble and persecutions, but His peace transcends all understanding and He reminds us not to be anxious, not to be afraid as His very presence is with us, in us.  The rainbow appears as a sign of His presence as much of His covenant.

Up till now for many He has been giving small segments, glimpses of what is yet to come but now it’s time for  receiving the bigger picture, understanding, and fullness of whatever He has promised.  It is time for us to believe and receive..


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