Satan Quoted Scripture

As believers we need much discernment into the ‘source’.  We know the devil tried to quote scripture out of context with Jesus, the Son of God, who Himself is one with the Father.  Jesus responded to Satan putting him in his place by putting the scripture right back into context.  He didn’t entertain Satan, He put a stop to it then and there.  IF the enemy did that with Jesus Himself, who IS the Word… then how much more would the enemy try that with us.

Entertaining scripture from a source that is of the enemy, of his host and most importantly of the Jezebel spirit is giving them a foothold … The intention of Satan is to to take over the kingdom of God, For that he tries to distract us away from God.  We have the victory but we are indeed cautioned in the New Testament that our struggle is with powers and principalities.  We are repetitively told to BE ALERT.

To be alert, we ourselves need to study God’s Word.  We need to keep asking the Holy Spirit to illuminate Scripture and give us revelation.  A verse out of context is pretext.

A parent will advise one child in one way, but differently to the other.  Why? Is it because of inconsistency or is it because each has different weaknesses and different wiring?.. so what the parent utters isn’t a ‘set’ command that applies to all.  The context of everything the parent says will thus be different too despite the same family.  That is how the Bible is set out too.  We study the Bible in its entirety to enable us to understand God and establish intimacy with Him – as that is what our faith is all about.  Everything else is secondary.. and stems out of that relationship!

The enemy would have you memorising and claiming the promises leaving out the conditions. Most promises do have conditions attached to them.   To whom, why, under what circumstances was it said, what were the political, social, economical, cultural, historical settings,  the context of law and of grace – especially now that Jesus died, resurrected and ascended into heaven to take His rightful place next to His Father.  How does this verse or phrase or passage fall in line with God’s nature and attributes – all of has to be explored to get the right message so that we don’t misrepresent God or Jesus .

The enemy would have you take out a phrase or a sentence or a commandment in isolation that represents one side of the coin of God so to speak.   God is a loving merciful compassionate Father but He is also the Father who loves sincerely wanting the best who does discipline and judge.

What is from God, would also come with the FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT… it would be joyful, loving, patient, peaceful,  full of kindness, goodness,  faithfulness, gentleness and self control.  If someone has to tug your arms to force you to listen to them, that surely isn’t of God as that is an act of the flesh.

God’s Word would be to build up not to tear down, not of condemnation but of conviction (two different things altogether), there won’t be a spirit of control or forcefulness or manipulation… .  If it makes you feel cornered then that will not be of God either.  I’m not discounting the possibility of our own flesh getting upset as we are stubborn wanting our way but one surrendered to the Spirit will be able to discern the difference.  If our spirit begins to feel anxious and have negative emotions when we think of someone, it’s pretty likely that it’s a spiritual warfare where the evil spirit is trying to distract from God’s will through that person.

Another way to discern the spirit of Jezebel, of manipulation and control whether male or female, is to watch their attitude.  Their words may ooze with sweetness, sugar coated.. but they cut all ties with you, un-friend you and even worse block you.  They know they can’t have their way with you so they show their anger, their revenge and blame you for not being of God when it is their ways that reveal that.  That’s shifting blame, denial!

God’s nature is that He gives us free will, He doesn’t catch us by the collar and force us.  If that is His nature, He isn’t going to send vessels that will be forceful.  We are called to speak the truth, but we are called to speak the truth in love.

A person filled with the Spirit will speak in love.  That means they will not make the person accept what they are saying and change..  that is the work of the Spirit, not the work of the messenger.

On the other hand, people who idolise or even help the sharing the ‘words’ of the one with the controlling spirit, is helping to build up the enemy’s empire.  We need discernment to know the source… Many would fall into the trap and listen to the Jezebel spirit and push away God’s authentic messengers.

Of course we also bear in mind, that even the true messenger of God is still human and can often err in the delivery of God’s Word.  There is a tendency (which gets better over time) to filter the word through one’s fleshly wisdom and perhaps interpret or add head and tail to the actual Word that God gave.  This is done out of a good heart not with bad motives – and it takes time to get there to truly be able to relay just what it is and let the Holy Spirit illuminate the word in the recipients heart in due time… Sometimes the Holy Spirit just wants the spirit of the recipient to get ready so they don’t necessarily have to even understand the message – the deliverer of the word has no need at all either!

Always seek discernment in whatever word you receive or share… make sure you are testing it.. and remember words have to be aligned with God’s nature as a whole..

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth – 2 Timothy 2:15

Do not quench the Spirit. Do not treat prophecies with contempt but test them all; hold on to what is good – 1 Thessalonians 5:19-21

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness – 2 Timothy 3:16

But the one who prophesies speaks to people for their strengthening, encouraging and comfort. – 1 Corinthians 14:3


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