From Human Doing to a Human Being

Many do judge my decision to walk by faith… It’s something that many can’t comprehend and thus they don’t think that God does indeed call some to do this in today’s day and age as well.  It’s nearly 11 years now, but nonetheless many (even Christians), find it a ‘foolish’ thing just as much as a number of people do not understand how God reveals things that are yet to happen.. with the ‘happening’ taking place perhaps even years aftermath.

She is qualified, multi talented, can live and work in the West… Why is she wasting her life and being irresponsible and lazy now?  Many speak of me in such a way to others and some directly question me.  Even with so many years of this lifestyle many question me.  In fact a number of Christians take the stance that we are the children of the King therefore we will live in prosperity…and if we don’t, then we are doing something wrong, not in the centre of God’s will or there is sin in our lives.

God then reminds me that Jesus left His comfort zone to live on earth, to walk on earth in a day and age where there were many ‘lacks’ with the perspective of how we would see life today.  We live in a life where man has gone far away from nature, and the way God has ordained it..  Our ‘basic’ needs have become far from basic  comparatively to the settings that God created and placed Adam and Eve in.  Our values and perspectives are now from our modern lifestyle, not from God’s perfect plan.

Ok you may say that Jesus was the Son of God and hence ‘able’ but we need to remember the Bible is clear that Jesus came in the flesh as man, to achieve His purpose, and that He too experienced all that we are experiencing in life.  We can think of Paul  who served as a missionary after the work of Christ on earth – which meant He had the Holy Spirit indwelling in him like the way we do.  Paul clearly speaks of CONTENTMENT in every aspect of his life – whether in hunger and lack or whether in health or sickness or whether in abundance and plenty.  He says he has experienced it all.

It’s not wrong to ask God for what we want or need, in fact God expects us to become humble and ask Him, as being able to ‘ask’ is humility, as opposed to independence or self sufficient. Jesus asked God to take the cup of suffering away from Him, yet Jesus acknowledges God’s sovereign nature and SURRENDERS His desire and plans to that of God.  Imagine if God had indeed taken away the pain and suffering of Jesus, where would you and I be today?  Seriously, think about it.  In fact God calls us to share in the sufferings !

Think of Paul.. He asked for the thorn in the flesh to be taken away – not once but 3 times, yet God responds that His grace is sufficient for Him.  I realise as I’m typing all this, that I have written about these points in my recent posts but I feel God wants to stress the importance of all of this for you to come back to the NARROW path that He would want you to walk on.

This is what God keeps reminding me about whenever I despair at the ‘condemnation’ I receive from others, of being misunderstood.. and God tells me that His foolishness will shame the wisdom of the world.

There was one main purpose in my walk of faith that had to do with myself – that God had to break down (one of many aspects I agree, but will talk about only this one here).  I was indeed a self sufficient independent person as my combination of skill sets and personality allowed me to be so.  Emotionally I may have been dependent much on others and also in going about after dark.  But otherwise, I had the personality that mopes and cries.. deals with what is going on and then go forward to face the music. Having lived with violence within the home front as well as outside in the war atmosphere that I had to live in during my teenage years also I guess had strengthened me some what.. but could have also caused my buzzing about nature.  People do often revert to ‘business’ to avoid pain, not knowing how to deal with pain.

Despite talents and achievements, I was a very insecure person.  The lack of approval and a pat on the back from my parents kept me striving with a desire to get that pat on the back at least from others.  When I became a Christian, I yearned for that approval from Christian leaders and I kept doing and doing.

God had to get my attention to do a work in me.  He told me that I didn’t have to ‘strive’ for ‘rewards’ and attention.  He kept reminding me that I ‘deserved’ attention and love and ‘rewards’ not because of what I do, but simply because I’m His daughter.. and loved and special for just that.  The living by faith time was a way of getting my attention and slowly breaking away from the buzz and distraction of life, rebuking me by the example of Martha who was distracted by many things and chiding me to become the Mary to sit at His feet and lap up His love and revelations.. to carry out the purpose that HE had for me – not waht I had wanted or others expected from me.

The story of Mary and Martha drills that home.. God has created us as human beings not as human doings.. There is a little bit of doing but that is relatively less than the being.  Buzzing about with doing is a worldly value but is the enemy of God’s ways.  He created night and then day – which made up each day according to the account of creation.  His purpose was rest and then activity.. Not activity and then rest.  In the time of creation, the light was based on sunlight.. Once the sun sets till it rises, activity stops and sends to compulsive rest.  Now of course with technology and electricity and what not of inventions, our doing is more than our being.

  • Where do you stand today?
  • How is God speaking to you now?
  • Are there any areas of your life that you are suppressing by your doing?
  • How does God need to and want to heal you?

Being a human being will allow God to do what He would want to do!


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