Chaos of Garbage Cans

The wind was howling and forceful.  Coming from the ocean nearby, the cylindrical shaped garbage cans that had been standing outside of people’s houses lost their balance and were sent rolling down the road.  The lids went flying in another direction.  People were seeking shelter under buildings and doorways.

The garbage cans were making headway down the road at a mighty speed stopping only when they crashed on something solid .

God was saying that He is sending mighty storms to rattle the garbage stored in our minds.

Garbage – is either waste or things that are no longer needed or useful …

Lot of people are storing in their hearts and minds much garbage.. God is sending a storm, a strong wind, a mighty blow of PNEUMA, of the Holy Spirit to convict and get the garbage rolling… stopping only when the emotional storm of the mind crashes against the SOLID rock – of Jesus Christ.

Our Father wants us to do the spring cleaning of our body, soul and spirit.  All that is good is NOT of God.. He wants us to NOT conform to the ways of the world but be transformed by the renewing of the mind.  He wants to RENEW our minds, make our minds NEW.. not cluttered by merging the old with the new, but making it all new.

The garbage of our minds are being rattled…, the mind is in chaos.. and can only stop churning away if it crashes on the solid rock of Jesus.  Give your thoughts to Him.,.. Let Him carry your burdens.  It is time for you to not just confess with your lips but give over your WHOLE to Him.. Your hearts have to come in sync with your lips.. He sees lips that praise Him and worship Him but also sees the hearts that are far away.  He is not fooled.
Give your whole.. Do not be anxious, but let His peace transcend over your understanding, peace not as the world gives.

Get rid of the garbage of your minds.. Surrender.. Surrender.. Surrender …


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