Yielding to Stretching

Just because you are downhearted or down spirited one day, doesn’t mean that you are simply downhearted all the time… One day’s emotions doesn’t define who you are.  Jesus wept but that didn’t make Him one who was always downcast!  A number of Christian ‘leaders’ have a tendency to waltz into the scene at such a moment of your low and ‘judge’ you that you are not on the right path or that you lack faith.  Don’t let the enemy discourage you through  anyone but especially people you love or respect.. Remember the enemy used Peter to attempt – yes with love –  to thwart God’s plan for Jesus.  Yes, suffering was a part of the plan for Jesus at that time for a PURPOSE.. It wasn’t PUNISHMENT.  Suffering, trials, troubles are often permitted .. to stretch us..

It takes HUMILITY and FAITH to YIELD to such stretching knowing that even in the STORMS that God is holding us in the shadow of His wings.. No harm will come to those who trust in Him who walk along that narrow path that He has set out for each INDIVIDUAL.

Elijah was downhearted and ran to a place of solace… God sent him food through a raven.. and He met with Elijah just where Elijah was.. God encouraged him, gave him a time of rest and preparation before he set out again.

The Psalmists wept for the night but were revived when the morning came by.. strengthened in God and by God.

Do not let the enemy discourage you… Be strengthened in the knowledge that you are YIELDING to God’s STRETCHING for Him doing a work in you and through you.. He is transforming you because He loves you.. and He loves others so He is preparing you for a PURPOSE.. This is not punishment.. and don’t let others condemn you because they are seeing in their NATURAL eyes not SPIRITUAL eyes.

When a word is from God, there is no condemnation.. A word of caution will come without condemnation but with grace, without duress without forcefulness.

Discern the voice of the enemy.. discern the WOLVES that come in SHEEPS clothing.  Jesus says His sheep know His voice.

You lean on His chest.. You hear His voice in intimacy with the Father.. soak in His love and ignore the voices of the enemy who comes to steal, kill and destroy.  Agitation isn’t of God but peace and grace in the midst of the storms is.

Yielding to stretching is a part of the process of a believer.. its a POSITIVE sign. Stay encouraged.. Stay in the wings of His love.


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