Being Copped

I just discovered this in my word document which I had written a few weeks ago and I don’t think I have posted it to the blog. Whether never posted or posted in the past, I feel burdened to share this now!

There is much road rage in Sri Lanka. It surely doesn’t help that the public transport is owned by private individuals.. What a paradox which would obviously lead to chaos.  Bus drivers would compete with each other – without caring two hoots for the passengers!  During one such trip, a bus happily raced past the bus I was in… The conductor of that bus happily showed off while the driver of this bus remained calm and drove steadily.  Not even a few 100 km away was an intersection that is manned by police.

As we approached the intersection, I saw a dark skinned chubby man with a bright luminous coloured sarong (the traditional dress of men here) on the road approaching the policemen, the face registering emotions that were not pleasing.  I realized that this man had been copped… and as I scanned the road for the vehicle that this man was driving, I couldn’t help laughing when I recognized the bus that thought it had done something great overtaking us.  This man was copped and I thanked God for justice so soon – as here cops also tend to be oblivious much!

As I recollected that recent incident, I felt God uttering a prophecy through it.

A number of believers are trying to run ahead of God – even perhaps with good things or even that what God would want them to do… However in the process of it, the attitude has changed, the heart motives have shifted being overtaken with a spirit of competition, of going ahead of others and being proud about it… These believers are pressing on the accelerator with their minds so distracted, they are unable to see the road signs.  Traffic lights that are meant for order are run through.  Where there needs to be a pause or a get ready stage is ignored with the ‘go go go’ attitude.  They make things happen for what God has planted in their hearts, and run ahead of God forgetting God always has His time and way.  Not all doors that open are of God…  Pausing in prayer is always necessary to discern where the door is manifested from.

When people run ahead, they may think that they have done something marvelous but remember God is control.  Watch out you may be copped or you may get a flat tire or you may face a head on collision.  The way God chooses to get your attention will depend on the severity of the evil spirit that has taken over you as you have given it a foothold.  This is only going to cause DELAY…  the duration of the delay depends on how far your mind has shifted away from what He has been clearly asking you to do – which you know clearly too.

It’s not too late, if only you would slow down a bit… take some time out.. and REST in Him.. align your heart and will with HIS.  Seek Him and soak in His love and you will realize that what matters is the BEING not the DOING.  Even without you actually taking action, He can still DO through you! That’s how marvelous God is.  People observe much and learn more from observation that from hearing.

Your words can actually deter people from My purpose as they see hypocrisy of serving Me but operating in the flesh.  I need you to slow down before you need to face adversity to learn the lesson..  Slow down .. Slow down..  My child.. Allow the Holy Spirit to search your heart.  Selfish ambition is an act of the fleshly nature.  Getting ahead is not what counts, resting in Me, having intimacy with Me, soaking in My love is what counts.  My glory will rest on you then and that’


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