Bang Bang

These words just keep ringing in my ears.. and it just never seemed to go beyond that phrase.  BANG BANG. and then a long silence.. and then the repetition… Yet in my spirit I get excited.. my spirit quickens and I keep eagerly awaiting for more.  Today I felt I just needed to begin to write.. and let the Holy Spirit take over my pen  (well literally my fingers as they type away on the keyboard)..

Bang Bang..  I did feel  excitement.. anticipation..  That’s the ’emotional’message.. I feel as if though for many of you (perhaps every single one reading this ‘word’) is going to have a lot of ‘suddenly’ moments.. Bang Bang.. taking place.

I decided to look up the phrase online .. Merriam Webster defines it:

  1. 1a:  having a sudden, forceful, or attention-grabbing effect :  punchy bang–bang headlinesb :  executed or happening so quickly as to make judgment (as by an umpire or referee) difficult a bang–bang play at first base
  2. 2: characterized by violent or fast-paced action a bang–bang movie

Yes.. this is what the EXCITEMENT is all about… We are gonna experience SUDDEN, FORCEFUL, ATTENTION GRABBING EFFECTS in the areas of heaviness, clouding in, oppression… Its gonna be executed so quickly as to make judgment difficult.. YUP… FAST PACED ACTION ahead..

Everything and everyone that stood in the way are going to be PUSHED ASIDE in such precise execution.. A forcefulness from God that nothing can resist especially not the enemy.  If God has said YES, well now is the time for that to become a YES.. all the delays are pushed aside.. it;s YES time now with such swift SUDDENLIES…

God is going to reveal His glory and DIVINE power in incredible ways.. in ways that ONLY HE CAN do.. not ways in which our human hands or wisdom can ever imagine achieving..

Time of TURN AROUND to  the BANG BANG..

Just trust in Him, surrender your heart and your will to Him.. soak in His love.. and see HIS GLORY shine through the darkest storms!


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