Teach: Job vs Passion

There are many teachers out there who do a ‘job’ – the teacher who gives the answers.  Yet there are a number of teachers who take their role seriously and teach with a passion, to see people rise to their potential.  The latter would observe their students.. and help them to arrive at the answers themselves.  They figure out the obstacles and help the students become aware of them and encourage them to rise to the challenge with affirmation of strengths and thus become better people.  Often the student – especially the younger the student is – is unaware of shortcomings and areas of weakness.

This is a process, it is not something that happens overnight… it is the process that changes and equips the student.  Many teachers give model papers and answers so that the student can see patterns and answer those questions – but it doesn’t equip them for other tests that come with different patterns.  The student isn’t then ready to face the real world even if they have managed to ‘ace’ their exams.

Each person is differently wired… Each person learns differently… Each person’s strengths and weaknesses and strong gifts vary from person to person..  A good teacher zooms into those and helps the student to learn accordingly – using their strengthens, being aware of their weaknesses and managing the weaknesses.

This is how a good ‘pastor’ takes care of God’s sheep – as the goal is to equip the sheep to be able to go out into the world amidst the wolves, and to use the gifts that God has given them for God’s glory and for His Kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven.

Moreover, this is how God works with each one of us.  He showers His love – unconditional love upon us.  No matter how much we fail or stumble, He affirms us, encourages us… He helps us understand where we are going wrong, and where our weaknesses are and gives us ‘tests’ to further reveal areas in our lives that need to be strengthened.

He disciplines us not to show He is better neither does He discipline with condemnation and putting down, but to lift us up, to help us rise to the challenge and be restored into His image and likeness – something we lost in the fall..

in revealing our blind spots, and teaching us to lean on HIM, He equips us with the importance of tuning our ears to His voice to hear His discernment and guidance to be able to handle any affliction, or trial or temptation that comes our way.

Through our immersing in His love and delighting in Him, we become increasingly trained to fix our gaze on Jesus, even when the stormy winds are raging and the waves are lashing about us – we walk through the storms on those very choppy seas..

Jesus was always about His Father’s business… Are you willing to seek God first and foremost over everything else that comes to compete with that – even GOOD things?

Good things that are not of God are meaningless – they amount to nothing!

Jesus calls us to GO to the people (of all nations, ethnic groups, etc) and TEACH them to obey everything He has commanded us..  Are you going to identify your gift to work together as a body to enable this ultimate purpose to be fulfilled?  Are you going to sit at our Father’s feet to let Him reveal what your strength, weakness, gift etc are and how He wants you to use them?

Remember sin is nothing but disobeying what God asks you to do!


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