Spiritual Manifesting in the Natural

Over and over again as I see the skies evening by evening, I feel God repetitively stressing that the heavens are coming down to earth – heaven is touching earth.

It is time for God’s Kingdom to be on earth as it is in heaven in a way that has never been before.  What people have been conceiving in the spirit, and what they have been carrying in their hearts often with excitement and often with deferred hope that makes them sick but nonetheless the seed was sown… that is now about to give birth in the natural.. that no more can people mock or make fun of their ‘visions’ – no, the mockers can only stand in awe of God from now on and give Him the glory.  It’s time for supernatural things to take place in the natural in a way that it’s tangible to the naked eye.

Those who have been striving for self sufficiency and taking pride in their abilities, in the work of their hands, will stand ashamed as they see God fulfilling His promise to people who FIRST seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.  Yes ALL things will be added to them.  It’s not going to be just about needs being met but about an overflow, an overflow of ALL good things that God deems good.  Just like the little oil that the widow had kept filling up other vessels, God’s oil of anointing is going to pour in us and through us.. and the anointing will see provisions bubbling over so that the blessings can also be shared.. trickling not like a stream but waves after waves – like an ocean.. People will stand amazed at how God intervenes for those who seek FIRST His Kingdom, not secondly, not lastly but FIRST.

It’s a time of the supernatural being birthed in the natural where all eyes can see.  It’s time to imagine the unimaginable.. it’s time to have infant like faith wanting something without analysing whether it’s possible or not.. Our intimacy with the Father, will lead us to want the very things for which He has planted desire in our hearts for His Kingdom for His glory.

Heavens are coming down to earth… Embrace it and run with the gifts He has given you. Go about the Father’s business.


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