Soaring Above It All

I don’t usually share testimonies of ministries other than with those who are upholding the ministry in prayer.  Yet this is to encourage us not to miss diamond opportunities when they seem like coal.

Recently I saw an instagram picture of a young guy in front of a mike.  The caption read “While worshipping the only One who truly deserves worship”.  My heart leapt for joy standing in awe of God that this young guy has been going steady now for about 3 years now. Yes, 3 years ago was when I first and last met him but thankfully to the internet being accessible and to social media and apps, we are still in touch – not as regularly as in the initial stages but nonetheless not disconnected.

Backtracking to 3 years ago…  A long story cut short, details as to how why what where etc omitted, I felt burdened to go to a little town in India… I was in contact with only one person there, a friend’s brother whom I had never met.

Yet I felt God burdening me to go there – I had wanted to do ministry too.  I didn’t have the funds to travel – the airfare and visa fee ( which is high for a Western passport holder).

A friend in Canada, unemployed and with no idea about my little ‘desire’, had gone to the ATM to withdraw some cash for herself and felt God burdening her to withdraw CDN 500 to send me!  That was the equivalent of LKR 55,000 which was the cash I needed to set off in faith.  I was scared – to tell the truth – so I procrastinated knowing full well that this was obviously God confirming that the desire was placed by Him in my heart.

Two months later after much prayer I set off remembering the prophecy given by one of my prayer partners’ that this friend’s brother was the FORERUNNER.  I had no idea what that meant.  The ‘forerunner’ didn’t show up at the closing airport, I didn’t have an address as to where I was going to stay, no local number,  no telephone booths there.. I was simply crying helpless..

Sparing details, after a week of cash running out and  hiding myself in discomfort and fear at a dingy dodgy hotel, God finally opened the home of a family (a relative of the forerunner) connecting me with more of the clan.

My dad in Aussie decided he didn’t like the idea of me being in a foreign country without cash – this is my dad who has never been supportive of my work! He transferred some cash to my bank account enabling me to settle my hotel charges.

Yes after a week and a half of sheer misery, negative emotions, fear, anger and what not, things turned around.  Not that it was a bed of roses .. the forerunner and I ended a friendship, later making me realise the forerunner was to prepare the way for my ministries there.  Doors miraculously opened for various ministries including preaching at a local church.

While preparing for the message, I heard God wanting me to use the sermon that I had prepared for my Homiletics class during my M.Div. days!  That had been so many years ago – I wanted something ‘new’ so I started working on something else.  Yet God chided me – I found the assignment on my laptop and as I didn’t have printing facilities, I quickly jotted down the outline on paper.

Another relative of the forerunner who had been backsliding for a number of years had come to church that day.  After years of slipping out before the message time started, at the rare times he made it to church that is, this young guy found himself unable to leave.  I was to speak somewhere else following this message, and another cousin arranged him (out of all people) to drop me at the next church.  She had no idea what was going on – maybe this guy didn’t leave as he was to escort the ‘visitor’ and he is protective by nature.  Yet all in all this was God’s sense of humour.

The guy kept thanking me profusely.  I couldn’t hear him clearly as I was sitting on the passenger seat of the motorbike.  It turned out that he had had many questions and no one could answer it.  He had apparently told God that if He heard his heart’s cries then He needed to answer them for him to turn to God!  One of the questions was answered in my message that day – which was the turning point in his life.  Yes, it’s the very guy whose picture made me shed tears of joy.

In the months to follow after I returned to Sri Lanka, obviously we had a number of indepth discussions.  God showed me that he would be like a shining star and God had already said the same to him.  The following year full of excitement he called me and asked me whether I could come as he was going to preach – and he would have liked me to be there.  I knew that wasn’t going to be possible but I promised to uphold him in prayer.  What beautiful moments!

Now years later watching him grow in passion and intimacy with His Father, it’s heart warming to see how much God did love him and reach out to him.  Imagine if I had allowed what I saw in the natural (a lack of bank balance, no cash to travel let alone for expenses), the fear of the unknown without a plan in place and knowing just one person there (however I had known another which I discovered later while there via FB)… imagine if I hadn’t actually surrendered to God and didn’t take off?  Imagine if I evaluated the situation after getting there and not having a local number nor internet for the first week, feeling stranded and totally alone and scared – and decided to scoot back instead?  The forerunner was scolding me to push back home given the situation – as he was scared for me and helpless.. yet it was through him that God made the divine connections..

God – He will go all out to touch the hearts of those who are searching for Him, longing for Him..

God – He will use all of us who yield to being surrendered vessels without having to question but knowing that He is in control..

Being born again is to being led by the Holy Spirit, and Jesus likens the Holy Spirit to be like the wind – you just don’t know where it’s coming from or where it’s going!  Are you ready to throw caution to the wind, be termed foolish or irresponsible by others – and just to go with the flow?

True worshippers worship in SPIRIT and in TRUTH…

Jesus says He is THE Truth 🙂

What are you waiting for?  Turn to Him to let Him lead you by His Spirit in the way that you should go…


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