False Alarms

Recently I woke up in the early hours of the morning with a great panic hitting me to the extent of my heart beating frantically and all shaken up.  The image was vividly in my mind and I was struggling to get rid of it as much as I tried.  In fact, it was so vivid that I actually looked through the window and there was absolutely no trace of the image having had taken place.

Before I describe the vision, let me share a dialog that I had with God earlier that very day at my coffee spot at my favourite time of the day.. yes the regular readers would have guessed it!  Each day towards the time of the sun setting, I stand on my balcony soaking in God’s love and presence taking in the creational feast satisfying all my senses! The skies, the ocean, the sun, the textures, the colours, the shapes, the changes, the mood portrayal… I can never get enough of it let alone stop marvelling at the way these same things are so different minute to minute, day to day each day.

Here I was observing the changes in the ocean.. it was first blue and serene..calm.. suddenly it turned greenish grey with patches of near translucent waters.. and then out of the middle of nowhere some waves were leaping up and splashing away creating shower sprays..  I’m mesmerised by creation and I was thinking how ironic it is that I’m scared of the thought of riding the wave.  Yes for all this, I can’t swim despite desiring to go conquer the fear – I haven’t had a chance to try to do that..  I haven’t been able to grasp the art of breathing or holding the breath rather under water that I splutter and gasp.  With a deep sigh with this thought in my head, I still continued to admire the touch of God through His vast ocean with its variations.  In fact, I was marvelling at how God controls the waters.. even as that wave rises, how it calms down to splash on the rocks and not come beyond.. I was marvelling at how God has everything under His control, His handiwork, His power all demonstrated in one big parcel.  I was smiling at these things that man can never even try to imitate let alone replicate.. This is God!

Maybe I was thinking subconsciously but as I reflect in prayer, I realised God was responding to my little heart to heart with Him from earlier..

So yes, I woke up in a sweat… I had seen a tip of a wave right outside my window leaping up at my window.  It felt so real, that I had gotten into a panic.. I was so frozen that I didn’t respond other than sit right up on my bed.  The wave disappeared..

As I had some time (it took me quite a while mind you) to calm down and ponder on this, I thought my goodness how tall that wave must have been to reach right up to my window so many floors up in this apartment building.  The tip of course did widen out to encompass the length of my window so all I could see was water – held up though despite the gravity for such a height!

Yet the wave didn’t come through the window.. I was  reminding myself how fearful it would have been for those on the lower floors let alone the ground level without being able to see anything but water – at least I got to see the tip and thus see a little beyond the wave!

As I was meditating on this, I felt God saying,

“Even if the waves are outrageously violently to the extent of rising up like a tsunami wave, I have it under control.  I AM… and nothing can harm you even if it rises up against you, it will be nothing but a FALSE ALARM…  The enemy let alone man can try to rise up against My children, they can threaten them for a time and a moment, but I will intervene and I will not allow anything to take place out of what I planned for each one.  No mighty tsunami wave is outside My control.

Remember I parted the Red Sea for the Israelites to cross .. this is how it appeared to them… The waves rose up and defied gravity.. Yes gravity is also My creation.. No theory or work of any scientist can ever ever come close to what I have done.. they may attempt to  understand and discover and unravel but the intricacies of it all they can never conquer… I go beyond nature as nature is My creation.  Don’t let the theories of the world scare you or limit you.

It is Me that is omnipresent, sovereign, Almighty, Supreme.. the list is endless – no one can match Me in anything.. I am God..

Things of the earth or the limited foolish wisdom of man or the devious schemes of the enemy will rise up threatening to swallow you and destroy you – don’t let them take over.. Be vigilant and be aware of the schemes of the enemy.. discern and put on the armour of God but remember the POWER belongs to ME!! No one can ever outdo me – no theory can limit me or box me in!

Don’t let FALSE ALARMS throw you off guard.. Come back to Me for the TRUTH..


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