Come, Soak in My Love

Whether you are on the missions field or not, do not think that sitting at My feet is a waste of time… do not think My beloved child that you are being lazy or ineffective by doing so… Do not think that it is in the running to and fro, visiting charities and doing a program or conducting activities at an orphanage or an elders home is what ministry or missions is all about.  No, no, no.. you have got it all wrong, inside out.   More is done at My Feet than anywhere else!

Ministries begin at My feet, during the times of intimacy with Me where you learn to hear MY heartbeat.. This is the time that ministry happens – where you are loved, where you begin to heal, where you begin to allow Me to search your heart and remove all anxieties.. this is where you feel My heartbeat.. where you begin to comprehend who I Am!  This is where you know what My heart beats for, where you learn the balance of love, grace, mercy, righteousness, obedience.. and what I long for whom and what I would want YOU to do..

This is where you learn to discern My ways from the ways of the world so that you also learn to hear My voice through My Word too.  This is where you learn to empty your mindset, your worldviews instead of studying My Word through your preconceived notions, through your experiences, through your upbringing and even through the way you see your earthly father.  This is where your spiritual eyes open where you will not bring your ideas and impose it on the way you study My Word but rather study My Word and begin to interpret it through MY heart and so that in your words and your deeds you begin to reflect My very nature.

Remember Jesus is the Lamb that was ushered to the slaughter to bring YOU closer to Me and He is also the Lion of Judah that will rise up in judgment holding you accountable.  This is the time you will understand the hypocrisy of your ways where your words utter ‘love’ but they are merely empty words, where you cast people away with your preconceived idea of right and wrong instead of looking it through My lenses.

As you begin to transform in this very secret place of you and Me, My child remember that this is not a time that is being wasted but on the contrast a time of great effectiveness. A day in my courts is like a thousand years.  Your body is My temple and thus you become My vessel… your very presence can impact people as you are the Kingdom of God… it is YOU that becomes the message.. it is YOUR LIFE and YOUR transformation that becomes the message.

Your steps that are ordained by Me and that you take with the leading of My Holy Spirit is what ministry is all about.. it’s not about the outward show of one day programs that are meaningless.. it’s about investing in peoples’ lives… Giving cash to meet some needs is a good starting point but unless the spiritual and emotional investment goes along with it – either directly by you or by one of My vessels – it’s all meaningless.  Even non believers do charity.. where is the difference?

Do not let those who run around town like a chick that has lost its head be your yardstick for missions.  Do not let the words of those who do not understand intimacy with Me and being led by My Spirit trouble you, condemn you or weigh you down.  Such people are those who are the helpers of Satan who comes to kill, steal and destroy as he is looking for ways to stop My children to come to Me.  But you My child in these times of intimacy with Me will learn to discern the ways of the enemy and the ways of the world all which contradict My ways.

Then you will increasingly NOT conform to the ways of the world which includes the ways of the religious leaders to stick to the letter of the law forgetting the work of Jesus Christ has been done on the cross saying IT IS FINISHED.  As you stop conforming to the ways of the world your mind will be RENEWED.  Yes, your mind will be made NEW.  It will no longer be the mind that thinks through the law of the Bible, it will no longer be the mind that does good deeds like the world will do it or the religious will do it.. it will now be the mind that is made NEW as you are now born again in SPIRIT and in TRUTH where Jesus is the truth.   The renewing of the mind leaves to transformation.. and guides you into knowing My PLEASING and PERFECT will.

I love you.. you are special to Me.. you are the apple of My eye.. I may discipline you but I will never harm you.   I love My children and I hate oppression and I hate violence and I hate injustice.

My will for you may call for sacrifices and hardships and trials but it is perfect and pleasing… My joy will be your strength and your trademark that will bear witness to others around you.. It’s not your works but your love, your sacrificial love that will see to My Kingdom being expanded on earth as it is in Heaven.

Come My dear child.. come soak in My love.



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