At the King’s Table

Many years ago, even before I knew I was coming to Sri Lanka as a new Christian, God kept giving me the verse

So Jehoiachin put off his prison garments. And every day of his life he dined regularly at the king’s table, and for his allowance, a regular allowance was given him by the king, according to his daily needs, as long as he lived – 2 Kings 25:27 (ESV)

I knew it was a Rhema word but I couldn’t comprehend it, although I knew God was giving me an assurance.  Regardless of not understanding it I buried it in my heart.

However only today did the Rhema word of many years ago make sense to the fullest.  When we sit at someone’s table we eat of the food that the owner of the table serves us.  Food is obviously the ‘basis’ for living, although man doesn’t live on bread alone.

God led me to live by faith more often than not, not knowing where my next penny would come from!  Yes I am sitting at the KING’s table – the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, my Heavenly Father’s table.  He then becomes my Provider as I set about His business.  (Yes ever so often I fail Him being distracted by the businesses of other people that He isn’t asking me to get involved in – which then leads to stress and waste of resources especially time).

I used to think the daily allowance meant a ‘set’ amount.  Yet now I realised it is about meeting the need of the hour, of the day… He doesn’t give it in advance. Now as I look at the verse in the ESV, it states ‘according to his daily needs’.  Our daily needs are not always the same are they?!

At times it may seem as if though it is ‘late’ but He knows the perfect time, the day, to meet the need as He deems necessary.  Yes there are times when the enemy uses the person that God burdens to help – by getting the person to procrastinate in responding to God’s call or to even disobey God by making them focus on their other needs and wants.  Yet God knows.

During the onset of embarking on my faith life, I had cut down or totally neglected a lot of things considering those things to be ‘luxury’ or not necessary.  Taking care of my physical body was one of them.  I had even stopped moisturising let alone going for hair cuts.  The consequence of my negligence was dry skin which ended up becoming super sensitive.  There was one point for over a year where I couldn’t even stand near the fire of the cooker nor use any cleaning agents.  The skin had become so raw after a skin break out in response to allergies to dust especially cement dust.

Needing that to heal to bring back a quality of life, I had to start to learn to take care of myself.  I have needed to get rid of the layers of hardened dead skin by exfoliating and moisturising regularly and steadily.  I thank God for my friends who keep sending me the products that I have finally learnt that works for me.  A number of products available locally are actually ‘fake’ or of the original but sub standard for reduced costs.  Those were triggering the skin problems too!

For many years, I longed to get some professional body scrub treatments.  I would call up salons, inquire the prices and then not make appointments thinking I was being selfish.  There was one salon I had marked out as being reasonably priced but nonetheless it didn’t make me feel any less guilty.  God had a sense of humour and brought me to an apartment to live in right opposite that very salon.  Later I realised I was exerting myself trying to scrub and often pulled muscles.

With a little guilt still nagging at me, I prayerfully made an appointment not having enough of cash on hand.  I committed it to Him for provision saying else I would cancel the appointment.  The night before the appointment a friend of mine suddenly messaged me saying she wanted to send me a little bit of cash, It covered a little more than the money I needed – and I told her that too! She of course  told me to go for it!

I kept thanking God for the pampering as I needed it much…What I hadn’t expected was how extent of benefits this treatment would have.  Not only was there a more intense improvement in my skin (which was taking years to achieve with my own self routine), I saw a marked difference in my back problems too.  It would have cost me much more to go to a doctor with all those medications and hence which I avoid.  There was an overall health improvement with the treatment.  I then decided going once in 3 months won’t be a crime after all but yet I prolonged it to 6 months. Yet again the provision came through after I fixed the appointment in faith.

Now I realise that the daily allowance isn’t a fixed allowance the way the world perceives it but rather the allowance of what is important as He deems fit.  The emphasis on ‘daily’ was to keep my trust in HIM and not on people or the work of my hands or the balance (or lack of rather) in my account… that He is the provider and will be providing in the way He decides for the rest of my life.

Everything belongs to Him – is it of any issue for Him to open the floodgates of heaven to rain money to meet a need?  He who rained manna and even quail in the wilderness to the Israelites – can He not overdo what He has done in the past?  Didn’t He do that because He wanted them to know it isn’t the work of their hands let alone the power that He has given them to create wealth is what provides for them or meet their needs?  For some He expects them to use that power and for some others He doesn’t – He wants them to turn to Him for the daily allowance.

He requires us to seek FIRST His Kingdom and His righteousness, He then promises to meet all our needs (food, shelter and clothes – and now I’m learning joyfully even more).  We often limit God through our own self righteous attitude that is false humility and without taking care of our holistic well being which is a temple of God.  Yes without a doubt there is a fine line between vanity and care – for which we need discernment and wisdom from HIM.  The answer isn’t to just cut down and stop everything like I did in the past!!

Seek Him daily for His discernment and wisdom in all that you do!


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