In With May, Out With Mayhem

The word Mayhem kept playing in my mind.  I decided to look the word up.

mayhem – violent or extreme disorder; chaos.


chaosdisorderconfusionhavocbedlampandemoniumtumultuproarturmoilmadnessmadhousehullabaloo, all hell broken loose, wild disarray, disorganizationmaelstromtroubledisturbancecommotionriotanarchydestructionviolence

When I looked it up, all I could think of was the enemy and I couldn’t help rejoice that all the extreme disorders and the chaos, the uproars that the enemy has stirred up in your life in the past is now being  UPROOTED.. It’s time for God’s order to SET OFF the mayhems of the past… No more hold, the time is up..

I think of God allowing Satan to ‘test’ Job for a time and a season.. and then God restored all that Job had lost – that in MULTIPLES.  The enemy came to kill, steal and destroy – to scheme, to pull you away from God and to attempt to steer you back to his kingdom of the world.  Yet, no matter what the turmoil and madness that was presented, despite the enemy using your loved ones to afflict you, ridicule you, mock you, label you, make you face losses of relationships, health, wealth and what not,- just like he did with Job – you stood firm and have PASSED the test with FLYING COLOURS.

It is time now ..

In With May, Out With Mayhem!

Let’s rejoice and step into the month with much gratitude, praise, laughter as well as with mighty expectations.. that His Name will be glorified and His Kingdom will come on earth as it is in Heaven.


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