To be Cherished

A friend had posted photos of her niece’s wedding.  The mother of the bride had done an exquisite job in the presentation of the reception.  However, despite all the beautiful elegant trimmings and displays and food items, what caught my attention was the look on the groom’s face as he was looking upwards.  I couldn’t help decide that the beautiful bride was making her way down the stairs while her husband (that’s what it seemed like to me) was mesmerised by her arrival. (The featured image is taken from the web, not the photo I’m referring to!).

Wow… my heart was happy for her… A woman’s dream is to be cherished.. and that look her husband had for her was nothing short of being cherished.  What a blessing for that radiant bride!

Whether single or married, any woman would yearn for that attention from her prospective groom or husband.  As John Gray states in his book,

Women are motivated and empowered when they feel cherished…

Yes there are indeed many women who cross the fine line and step into vanity.. but the healthy boundary is that a woman needs to feel cherished to be motivated and empowered.  A gal can get so many likes on her FB pictures but she will still scroll through all the likes to check for the likes of the ones she is close to…  That’s not about vanity but to feel motivated and empowered. that’s simply being a female!

As I was treasuring the look on the face the groom had for his bride, treasuring her as his queen, I was wondering whether us single females would have such a blessing in our lives at any point – where the man will be proud of his comparable helper and sees her as from God to protect her and love her.  Love doesn’t easily come to a man unlike to a woman.  The Bible doesn’t tell women to love their husbands as it’s a natural thing for her to do.. but it does tell husbands to love their wives as their own bodies!  Men need to take that step of obedience to God to make a CONSCIOUS effort.

Yet, God was telling me as my mouth was wide open in that precious sight, that we all are loved that way.  Yes we are the radiant brides that God is waiting for.. He delights in us, He treasures us.. He cherishes us.. He is preparing us to join Him in the Kingdom of Heaven 🙂

Are you going to revel in the matchless unconditional ever lasting love that our Heavenly Father has for you?  Are you going to lay down your earthly worries and run into His embrace that hugs with purity, that sees your hearts, your every thought and loves you nonetheless no matter what?  Are you going to appreciate the love that HE has for you that is sincere and not subject to your doing but simply your being?

Let’s just be.. human beings… be in His presence and be restored, renewed and revived!  No other love can even compare to this priceless love!


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