All of today I was hearing I AM.  This evening I suddenly decided to clear out the shopping bags that I had been hoarding.. and a few of the bags popped up, “I AM”.  A little while ago, Dawn Baker’s FB status read “I AM”.  Yes, we need to be reminded of God, “I AM”.

It’s not I WAS nor I WILL BE but I AM.

God doesn’t say “I was there for you” or “I will be there for you” but He says, “I AM here for you”.

He doesn’t say “Get your mess sorted out and then come to Me”! No, He says,

“Come to Me just as you are.. All I want is your repentant heart, that will allow ME to turn things around!  It’s not your works that set you free but rather you allowing the Holy Spirit to work in you is what sets you free.. You may stumble along the way, but I do uphold you with My righteous right hand.. I AM.. not I will uphold but I do uphold.. if only you will allow ME.

Don’t look back at the past.. don’t strain ahead.. Enjoy each moment with ME because I AM.  Let the wagging tongues wag.. I ask you to not conform to the ways of the world, the malicious talk, the pointing fingers, the oppressing of people.  Then through the renewing of your mind you will be transformed and will know My pleasing will for your life.  

I call you to My love, My grace, My mercy. My presence.. I call you to I AM. 

It’s all about NOW..



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