Competition Frenzy

Yes yes.. even from a small age, I would participate in various competitions on the newspaper, the radio, at the local library.. and yes, more often than not I was a ‘winner’ even of those small things… This simple pleasure of win or lose, of course continued onto Facebook.  The featured image, taken a number of years ago, was one of the many competitions I had won.

Just like it ended up in the last competition I entered, I don’t win every single time!  However, I was surprised to hear from this particular clothing shop a couple of weeks ago, inviting me to participate to walk the ramp at their next fashion show.  They asked me to contact someone and then thanked me for the confirmation.

As the excitement began to settle in, I had mixed feelings… Why?  I have always had this little desire to model one time, perhaps in an advertisement but it was never to walk the ramp.  To be called at this age, and it wasn’t a competition I had entered either – they had had a separate competition for it but had included me from my previous entry for another competition.   Then I wondered if God had initiated this for a purpose – to connect with someone or some people for His glory..  However, the typical me (yes this is the me that some don’t know about) began to fret in fear.

If it was back in the Western world, I would have jumped to the opportunity reserving no fear.. but here in this part of the world, females are more often than not treated as sexual objects.  Models and actresses and women in such fields are portrayed to be ‘easy’.  I don’t think that’s a fair statement as I’m pretty sure that’s a judgmental outlook, however many rumours do spread that they need to sleep around to get where they get.  Suddenly panic kicked in as I wondered whether I would be safe, whether I would be viewed that way too.. I didn’t know the organisers so how could I ensure safety or protection?

I did what I know to do best – turn to my Heavenly Father.  I asked Him to block the door if this wasn’t of Him but if it was of Him to still my heart of its fears and to put my best foot forward to accomplish His plan.  With a sincere heart, I asked God to show me clearly what He would want me to do.

Earlier this week, the official announcement of the winners was made and I wasn’t on the list.  Half of my heart sunk with disappointment but the other half, well simply knew this was ‘God’.. that He obviously didn’t want me to participate.  It turned out that I had been short listed by the FB team but not chosen by the judges.

The enemy tries to lure us with ‘good’ things.. things that we have wanted to do, to pull us away from God things… If I hadn’t prayed seeking for God’s will, there would have been a great possibility of giving the enemy a foothold, to open doors of more attention from other places to model.. and to be lured away from what God would have me to do.

It’s even more so at times when you know what God is speaking to you about, when you know you are at this darkest hour of the morning just before it’s time for dawn… to step into that ‘new’ day that God has for you.. to step into the next level of fullness to what God has called you to do…

Yes, I believe that’s the stage I’m at.  Hey I’m not wanting to just step into all that, I’m just waiting in a position like the runners all set to SPRINT on!

May we continue to seek God for discernment especially in the seemingly okay things so that we don’t give the enemy a foothold to lure us away from God’s perfect plan.  That’s what the enemy wants, to kill. steal or destroy or at least delay God’s plans.  If we aren’t alert or vigilant, and if we simply go with the flow, that’s what will happen…

Steward your dreams and visions and gifts and time and all that is of God …  treat it as if you had a precious diamond in your hand as these are precious, what the enemy would want to steal or tarnish.

Let no worldly competition frenzy distract you.

Disappointments lead way to God’s appointments


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