Swoosh.. Swoosh.. Turn Around …

I kept seeing verses from Isaiah 60 yesterday… so I decided to meditate on it today.  It has been a chapter that God has been speaking to me over the years beginning from the time He called me to full time ministry.

While prayerfully reflecting on it, I felt a powerful Word from God.

Humans see things from their natural perspectives.  They analyse what they see and interpret to what they think it’s right – they think it’s going to happen in a certain way for each case.. or that this will be blocked and thus it can’t happen like this.. Yet I’m God.. I’m powerful.. I turn things around inside out, upside down.. Swoosh … swoosh.. it’s turn around time.  Turn around like nobody’s business.

You may have been rejected or forsaken or ridiculed or judged – but eyes will be amazed as I lift you up. Things don’t happen the way people perceive.. I choose my foolishness to shame the wise, those who think they know it all and judge others according to their limited wisdom.  No, I work beyond… I am the one who gives power and I work in the way I want to work, outside the box so that I get the glory.  I do not operate to a formula and in all I do, I reveal who I am for MY Glory…

Swoosh … swoosh… it’s turn around time.. like nobody’s business.


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