Happy Resurrection Sunday!

You may be wondering why is she not using the term Easter here?  If you are, well you are right that I am avoiding that term.  Before I go there, have you ever considered the traditions of the celebration?  Why do people go about making and hiding and collecting easter eggs? Where do the bunnies come hopping from? What is the significance of that?  How does that relate to what we believers of Christ believe this season to be?  How does that tie into the death, burial and the resurrection of Christ and His ascension into heaven?  If I’m missing out on any significance or symbolism in that, please do let me know!

Now let me tell you why I’m avoiding the term Easter.  It turns out that Easter is a pagan festival. Ishtar (from whose name Easter comes from) is a pagan goddess, a goddess of war, fertility and sex. Eggs symbolise fertility and the bunny is also symbolic of Ishtar.  This then explains the ‘traditions’ that man is following.

The Hot Cross Bun is however symbolic of the Body (bread) with the cross imprinted on the top of the bun and the spices used in remembrance of his burial.  This of course has no pagan roots!

God calls us to NOT conform to the ways of the world, but to be TRANSFORMED by the renewing of your minds and you will know God’s perfect and pleasing will for your lives!

How are you going to commit to renewing your minds today?  Spend some time quietly with the Father, remembering the purpose for His sacrifice of His Son, the reason for the season, is that He wanted you and me to come into deeper intimacy with Him, to have fellowship.. which then leads to eternity.  That’s how much the Father and the Son love us – to want us to be close with them!

It’s no point going through the motions of the traditions and religious norms if you are missing the point of it all!  And if you go the point, how many of the ‘traditions’ would you be following?  Allow God to transform you by His grace saturating in the real purpose … Thank and praise God that your sins have been washed and you can stand up with your head held high!  And let’s also ask God to convict us when we smear a stain on someone’s clean slate given by God because of our judgmental thoughts or lack of knowledge of God’s grace!  If someone is trying to smear your clean slate, remember there is no condemnation for what God has already forgiven and do intercede for the one who comes on behalf of satan to kill steal and destroy!

Jesus washed our body by the shedding of His innocent blood… Let’s keep washing our feet and our hands that get soiled by the world as we expose ourselves to it – the body is washed and covered.. it is what is now exposed on a daily basis that needs washing off then and there.  Keep small accounts and be in constant communication with your Heavenly Father!

Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday walking intensely in the power of the blood of the resurrected Christ embracing intimacy with our Heavenly Father to the fullest while being led by the Holy Spirit.


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