Discerning The Source…

I was bothered by the persisting stinking smell I was getting in my apartment last night.  It just seemed to linger – smelling like uncooked seafood.  Yes I admit I grumbled that perhaps my Japanese neighbour was using some of her sauces that really doesn’t send out a pleasing smell – well according to my nose at least!  However, even later on into the night I could smell it.  Irritatedly I wound up for the night and suddenly a thought came to me.

Oops the fault was within my apartment all along.  The storm the previous night had ushered in a great deal of rain water into my apartment – my floor cushion was drenched (thankfully I had only left one out and put the others in the room) and so was the balcony door mat.  Yesterday morning as I had mopped up the mess and put the stuff to dry, I had overlooked a straw box that was sitting in the corner of the wall below the window.  That section hadn’t seemed to get wet so I hadn’t bothered with that.  It turned out that I was wrong – the straw had absorbed the water and that was giving out the foul smell!

I quickly emptied the contents of the container (thankfully the cords I use for craft were all colour coordinated and placed in polythene bags!) and set the straw container to dry.  This morning as I drew the curtains of my bedroom I was a bit apprehensive to see animal paw prints outside the window on the balcony.  The storm had unravelled the culprit’s attempt thankfully to the combination of mud and water!

Later as I opened the balcony door from the hall, I was highly amused to see the paw prints ending there.  As much as I had been repelled by the smell, this animal (whatever it was – I just hope it wasn’t the mongoose again) had been attracted to it.  So yes, it wasn’t only me that thought it was sea food smell!

The whole experience has got me reflecting!

  • How quickly do we jump to conclusions and blame the other without analysing what’s going on in our end?
  • How often are we in denial of our own shortcomings?
  • How often do we wrongly identify the source of something negative?
  • How often do we blame other peoples actions or say it’s the enemy discounting our own sinful nature or our human perceptions or not understand that God also allows trials to mould us?
  • How often though are we indeed right when discerning a situation and like it was confirmed through the pawed animal here, how often does God speak and confirm to us in ways we didn’t expect?
  • How often are we alert to God’s voice and His ways?

Let’s seek God and ask Him to search our hearts for all anxieties.. and also for discernment to know what the source is in every situation we face and for wisdom to know how to handle it or respond to it and for confirmation!


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