It is TIME – NOW!

“It’s time NOW”.. I heard it clearly.  My response, “it hasn’t happened yet” and I heard the counter response, “Yes it hasn’t happened yet because the time wasn’t right before but the time is NOW”.  Suddenly I was confused, “but for WHAT?”.  Dead silence!  Ok.. I get it.. just praise and declare that the time is now for whatever it was time for!

It was a hot and sticky afternoon…. heat wave.. humidity.. heat rashes popping up all over the neck.. the dripping sweat torturing the rashes…  I fell asleep talking to God just after I saw a vision of Jesus appearing.  I sincerely hoped the Holy Spirit would have imparted revelations to my spirit during that time of putting my earthly mind to rest, to be able to grasp the things of God.

I then decided I should prepare dinner..  It was so sticky.. i prepared half of the dinner and went to have a wash..  That didn’t help as the sun hadn’t let the water untouched! Stood on the balcony for a while watching the dark clouds hovering about and the waves deciding to unleash some anger.  I knew the rain was around the corner… I saw the skies fractionally light up as if Christmas tree lights were fixed in the sky.. Lightening was far far away – obviously.

I decided to brave it and finish up the cooking and the eating.. smearing baby prickly heat powder all over my neck. Unbearable.. With many cooling down breaks in between, I finally came to the point of sitting down to eat my dinner.

The front doors and the balcony doors of my apartment and my front neighbour’s apartment were wide open.. and the wind just blew through forcefully…  I could hear things on the road, yes HEAR them being carried along with the wind..  I quickly cleaned up and went to the balcony happily taking in the cold gale of wind, hearing the pitter patter of the rain…  absorbing the dramatic lightning and thunder.. It’s been going on for more than an hour now – but phew.. its lovely to be cool finally.

God reminded me.. THE TIME IS NOW.  It was so uncomfortable leading up to the grand entrance, of the powerful breakthrough in a way that only God could demonstrate – that no man can match… Who can imitate or create the same scene that is going on around me outside even while I write this?

Yes, it’s His timing for a WINDFALL… You have experienced the incredible uncomfortable trying times of being pressed in.. You have had Jesus’ assurance that He is there in the midst of trouble.. and His peace He leaves with us.  But now it’s time for His floodgates to open in all the areas that were threatening to overpower you!



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