Leaving Carelessness … To Experience Heaven on Earth

How often have we been or presently being CARELESS with the resources that God has given to us?  It’s not only in regards to time and finances and talents but even moreso in the spiritual realm.  We are often limiting our potential, our calling because of various external factors – whether it be fear, distractions, trends of the world, wanting to feel ‘effective’ and ‘productive’, the need to be on the go and not sit still…

I stand with my head bent in shame as today it dawned on me an incident that happened in recent days…. I kept seeing a vision of a child in white curled up in a foetus position with the area around the heart totally bloodied.  It was so disturbing so I put it away from my mind… and it did repeat a few times.  I first thought it was just some food that had been giving me ‘bad dreams’.. yet unlike a bad dream, it seemed real.  Then I decided that it must be due to the fact that my younger brother’s death anniversary was around the corner.  It is actually today – it happened many years ago and he was only 7 when he died.  Yes, we were living in the midst of war, with bombs falling everywhere, gun shots fired.. it was an ultra traumatic stage without a doubt.. then we used to hide under the table at night with our lights switched off until all the army tanks would finish their rounds of flashing strong rays of light around the area… Yet interestingly, my younger brother left us not due to this chaos.  He was actually so excited about the Sinhala Tamil New Year and was helping my parents prepare for the family traditions – traditions that obviously stopped then after!  I put it down to perhaps my mind playing games on me – living the past.

I’m the kinda girl who just has to see blood and will just faint.. so this vision was too much for me.  Growing up I had wanted to be a doctor and then decided to be practical about my weakness.. then I used to gaze at News Anchors and pretend to be one of them – and then I realised I simply cannot see those horrifying images of trauma let alone be contained while reading out such news.  For this type of personality and experiences, this vision I saw was unbearable.

Yet it dawned on me after hearing the Syrian tragedy with innocent young lives being victims, that God had been giving me prophetic revelations.  Yes, I have seen God increasingly widening prophecies to worldwide situations – and things taking place..  Despite feeling ‘foolish’, I have shared at times with others to stand in the gap as we have nothing to lose.  The prophecy could be for various reasons.

How often are you also making this same mistake as I have been making?  How often are you letting other control factors to pull you away from hearing God out, to listen what He is trying to show you or tell you or ask you to do?  How often are you undermining your capacity as ‘not good enough’ for such a big task, that God certainly couldn’t be revealing such spiritual things to me, this is my mind playing up?  How often are you so distracted by programs, trends of the world, your schedules let alone ministries that you don’t realise God is beckoning you to come into a time of communion, an intimate relationship with Him?

I admit I was also trying to juggle a lot in recent months – and this heat wave has been so unbearable that i had decided to actually take a break from the ‘extras’ and relax.. The heat from the laptop and the screen didn’t help my tiredness let alone burning dry eyes.  I decided I owe it to myself to just break free – even though it’s all ministry.  Yes, I have thus had times of physical rest and thus spiritual revival revelling in His love.

God is beckoning all of us to embrace heaven touching earth!  What do you need to do today?

Let’s not allow the analysis of our human wisdom

pull us away from the things of God


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