Look Beyond … and At Me

Are you wondering why all those around you seem to be stepping into their callings and they get the ‘break’ while you seem to be the one with all the troubles and the woes and the hardships?  Are you wondering why those around you seem to be getting married and settling down, but you are still waiting?  Do you wonder what is wrong with you that you (and your future spouse) needs much preparation that the waiting period seems to be prolonging on and on to what seems like eternity but others haven’t needed such preparation that they are already married?  Is it enough that you are leaning on God despite all these negatives in life, that you face rejection or blame or judgment by those around you?  Some out of love as they want to protect you, some out of a need to make them feel superior…

Are you one of those who point at and judge those who are in the situation of extended waiting (waiting for a partner, waiting for breakthroughs in ministry, in their careers, in their health… ) surrounded by all the hardships and rejections being downcast?

This was a burden on me as I woke up this morning… and I did have a hearty chat with the Lord about it!  His reply put me at ease and I believe it will put a lot of you at ease too!

“My dear child, think about the different professions and vocations around you?  How much of training does the cashier at the supermarket need to learn to operate the cash till and balance the cash at the end of the day?  How much of training does a medical doctor need to learn to understand the human body (no the doctor will never master the human body as it is I who have created it, with its intricacies and complications.. they may have a grasp of the functioning.. but it is I who know the human body thoroughly.  I am the One who designs and keeps My creation in place).

A cashier can get a minimal training and be allowed on the ‘field’ while the doctor needs much studying and practical experience before they can be released alone given the intensity of what lies ahead of them.  It’s not just knowledge that they require but the skills of managing time to function effectively and manage stress of having to jump into a state of emergency, break rest and yet be alert.

Some careers can take people into progressive development – they go from one stage to another.. they master one stage and they get a ‘promotion’ to the next stage depending on their output and ability to learn and function (depending on their bosses too – bosses who build up or bosses who try to block them).  The time at each stage varies.

All these scenarios are not much different from the spiritual realm either.  Each calling takes a different level of preparation.  Some people are called into a calling that doesn’t need much preparation.. it can be on the job training.  Some people are called into areas where they need preparation emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually… They are allowed to go through an intense battlefield so that they learn to become WARRIORS… they learn to become overcomers in ME and learn to identify the source behind every person’s response.. Whether it is of Me or whether it is of the enemy.  The enemy uses people to block or discourage or condemn or pull away from My perfect plan just as much as I use people to encourage, build up, bless, spur on, intercede and LOVE!  Remember the people who held up Moses arms so that he would not get tired so that My purpose would be fulfilled. 

Likewise with the partner situation too.  Some are called for less intense spiritual callings.  Those who are called to intensive ministries will need much more preparation accordingly – and obviously their partners will have to be equally yoked.  If someone is a ‘baby’ in Me, it doesn’t take time to find another ‘baby’ in Me to bring their partnership to fulfilment.  They may have less intense callings or they may have progressive callings..

My dear child, NOTHING is wrong with you and the others who seem to be getting the break at NOT better than you either…  All of you have been created in MY image and MY likeness, and I saw all that I had created and it is all VERY GOOD.  I knitted each part of you when you were in your mothers womb – not just the physical parts but I wired your personality to be simply be YOU, and not someone else.  I created every one of you as HUMANS yes.. but see the variety that each of you have.. see how unique each of you have.. Doesn’t it marvel you that there are billions of people out there and yet no one else has a thumb print like yours?  I make My own to be originals not copies.  Even ‘identical’ twins still stand to differ somewhat!

If you have believed in the Name of Jesus, if you have surrendered your will to allow the Holy Spirit to lead you along the narrow path, into My perfect and pleasing plan for you, you are MY child.  That makes you a child of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.. You are royalty – princes’ and princesses!  You are a royal priesthood stewarding My Kingdoms!  Your body is My temple.  Remember that My dear child – it’s not what people say, or what your circumstances say, it’s what I say.. it’s what I’m doing behind the scenes.. People won’t fathom it, especially people who are masquerading as angels of light as they do not have in mind the things of God.  The enemy quoted scripture too. It doesn’t matter what they say.. but you continue to do the good work I have led you to do.  Do not be discouraged..

I love YOU with an EVER LASTING love no matter what the circumstances are saying and how others are interpreting the circumstances.  Keep your gaze fixed on Me!

 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own – Matthew 6:34

But since they have no root, they last only a short time. When trouble or persecution comes because of the word, they quickly fall away.– Matthew 13:21

I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33


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