Spiritual Jealousy

Envy is one of the acts of the fleshly sinful nature.  Selfish ambition is also listed in that.. Do the two of them go hand in hand?  Wouldn’t there be envy where there is selfish ambition?  Envy at the prospect of someone else getting something you are targeting for yourself..

Of course there is a natural tendency to have a pang of jealousy I guess.. but what we do with that is what makes it a sin.  Do we instantly deal with it or do we dwell in it and let it grow?

I know there was a time (that has passed now) when I would hear the exciting news of my friends getting pregnant.  A little bit of jealousy (I admit) would run through me and I would touch my stomach and ask God when will I be blessed with a partner, let alone a baby.  I was never career minded and always wanted to be a wife and a mother to a few kids mind you – that was my ambition!  Yet, despite the tears that roll down my cheek at those times, I would  pray sincere blessings and God’s protection over my friends.. and I will be there to help them in anyway that I possibly could.  I have had the privilege of accompanying some of my friends when they were pregnant for a scan while I wait with the older kids.  And I thank God for the times I have had to enjoy their blessings –  carrying their bundle of joys and playing with them as they grow older, helping them with their studies…

I guess the spiritual realm is not exempt from our jealousy pangs.  Some people grow in the Lord in an accelerated manner.. they have an exponential growth compared to the steady slope of an increase in another.  It’s not because they are greatly favoured by God but it’s because they hunger and thirst for God with great intensity.  These people are then filled with much more.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. – Matthew 5:6

Hunger and thirst are our basic needs… It’s what sustains us, to know we need to eat and drink.. it’s the essence of life!  Those who seek God with that essence of life will be filled..  If any of us have a pang of spiritual jealousy that doesn’t go away but rather makes us spring into action of trying to lord it over the other that is growing, or trying to minimise what God is revealing to them or what He is teaching to them, or cutting them short without hearing them out as we know better..  then we really need to take a check.. and allow God to search our hearts.

I hear Him speak..

Search Me and you will find Me… Searching Me comes at a cost.. Not when it suits you or when you feel like it.. but when you hunger and thirst for me, I will fill you.  I will show you greater revelations .. Your spiritual eyes will open.. and you will see things you could never have imagined or comprehended. 

If you hunger and thirst for Me, your life will be turned around inside out, upside down.. It will not conform to the ways of the world or in order to please others with a good name.. On the contrary it will be a controversial life!  Wouldn’t people have laughed at the tiny David not even being able to bear the armour and thus shrugging it off yet standing in front of this giant Goliath?  Wouldn’t onlookers have laughed at Noah building an ark in a mountainous area expecting a flood? 

Yes, the people of this earth will see the things of what belongs to Me as foolishness… and I will shame them with that very foolishness.. To hunger and thirst for Me,  means to stop conforming to the way of the world..  to do things that may seem foolish to them.. Are you ready to make a fool out of yourself in obedience to Me?

If others are getting jealous of you spiritually, rejoice in Me.. as that is Me taking you to higher places!

If you are getting jealous of others for their spiritual growth to the extent of putting them down or snapping at them, then seek the Holy Spirit to search your heart and show you where your priorities are not right.

I give you free will just as much as I give others free will.  You have no right to lord it over others and command them what to do.  You will not do that if you have your relationship right with me.. The deeper you grow in intimacy with Me, the more you will echo My heartbeat in your entire being.  The fruit of My Spirit will be increasingly evident with the intensity of the acts of the flesh steadily decreasing.  You will speak the truth but with My love… You will discern and judge but you will also know that mercy triumphs over judgment.  I send you out into this world as sheep amidst wolves.  When you are filled with Me, you will learn to be harmless as doves and shrewd as serpents.

When you are walking in intimacy with Me, My love will flow in you and through you… Your words will not be cutting remarks, but rather those that build up with a heart that is open to listen to what the other is saying.. I love you My Child, and I long to have a deeper intimacy with you.

 There is no favouritism in Me.. If you seek My voice, you will hear me.. You will hear my voice in ways you could have never imagined..  You will see greater things..

Come My Child.. are you going to hunger and thirst for me with your every essence of your being?

And you will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart – Jeremiah 29:13

 “This is what the LORD says, he who made the earth, the LORD who formed it and established it—the LORD is his name: ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’  – Jeremiah 33:2-3


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