I … yes just “I”

While laying out the Johari window as an image for a ministry project,  I wanted to highlight the “I” and the “You” in the relevant titles.  No matter how much the “I” is bolded or increased in size or added colour for emphasis, it still doesn’t stand out as ‘you’ or the other words would when emphasised.

The letter I is just only me, just one person and one letter.  It’s not really significant to make an impact!  However words such as you, or we, or us can be highlighted and emphasised much.  I must admit I was pretty fascinated by this observation.

If we want to make a difference, we need to let go of the “I”, of our ego, of our pride.. we can’t stand self centred.. but we need to rally up with others to join hands with us.. and to step forward to make the difference, to stand out, to impact!

I thank God that a number of my friends are contributing their knowledge, experiences, expertise, talents, prayers, words of encouragement.. etc.. towards the mission that has been on my heart for 13 years, and which WE are now stepping into seeing it being materialised by bringing our gifts to the table along with some new people that God has connected me with!  It’s been so beautiful to seeing people want to step up to the plate to see this mission unfold.  (You may be wondering what this mission is all about, there is a testimony behind all this obviously… but I’m just waiting for the right time to reveal it to all of you – and who knows some of you too may want to step up to the plate to see a greater impact!).

All these years, although I have somewhat been on the field alone, without the words of encouragement, the hugs of love, the continued intercession and waging warfare, the financial gifts from my friends, without their coming together as a body of Christ, all these ministries of the past and present (being a vessel of love to those who are broken, writing, helping other ministries, hospitality, prophetic intercessory ministries) would not have shaped up.  It is with the other parts coming together with me is how all the ministry takes place.  God uses His Body to bless us and bless others through us.. it’s a continual flow of His river of love as the various forms of gifts mentioned above!

No matter how much we attempt to highlight our “I” (ego, pride, self sufficiency, independency…. etc) it can only go a limited way.

Let My river of love flow… do not hoard your gifts and do not try to establish your kingdom proclaiming My name!  I bless you to bless others for My Kingdom.. If you love me, you will know your purpose on earth is for My Kingdom.  You will long to and desire to see the gifts and resources that I have given you and identify the gifts and resources that I have give others in your life, to bring it together to see My Kingdom come.

You cannot be independent if you are My child as all My children are the different parts of the Body, no part is better than the other and not even one part is not important.  ALL are equally important. I  have placed each one strategically according to each one’s calling.. to bring the gifts together and move forward as one. 

What have I given you –  the talents, the gifts, the time, the money, the love, the grace, the mercy, the discernment, the wisdom?  What are you doing with it?  Are you using them to establish your own empire (whether your family or your church..) or are you using them to build up MY Kingdom?  Is it not I that gives you your talents?

If you love Me, you will love those around you whom I have placed in your life – people whom I have created in My image and in My likeness.  You will do good to one another especially to the  family of believers.  If you love Me with ALL your heart, soul, strength and mind, you will love one another as yourselves.  You will want them to flourish in Me as seeing others flourish is also seeing My Kingdom expand.  You will come into My strong tower for your refuge and run into my embrace for love and restoration.  Likewise, you will encourage others to do so.. 

Seek Me, My child.. it’s time to let go of the “I” and love Me with all what you have and love others as yourselves.  Don’t treat others the way you wouldn’t want to be treated.  I have given you free will so don’t lord it over others.  Seek Me, My child… do not conform to the ways of the world but by the renewing of your mind, be transformed and understand My PERFECT and PLEASING will for your life!”

“I” doesn’t value people… it values the self and thinks highly of self.

A believer is never to be independent

but rather will be dependent on God”

and inter-dependent with the rest of the parts of the body!


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