From The Father…

I have the power to change things. I know you full well – more than you know yourself My dear child.  Remember, I know your comings and goings.. and each word even before it comes onto your tongue.  Don’t kick yourself for it… I know your heart. I am one who looks beyond appearances.  I know everything that takes place.  I know it ALL.  Do not despair. 

Turn to Me…. Allow My Spirit to lead you in the way you should go.  Remember that I sent My Son on behalf of You.  Now YOU are mine too – if only you would yield to Me!  Yield to My outstretched arms and allow Me to embrace you and comfort you.  No other can satisfy the void in your life but Me.  Don’t go running after horses and chariots and the work of your hands.  It’s Me that you need.. and I’m right here for you, without condemnation but full of My perfect love and grace  I don’t love like man does so do not try to understand love through your experiences.  Just turn to Me My child and as you long for intimacy with Me you will understand what TRUE LOVE is all about.


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