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From the Author

Not so long ago, someone told me that the first paragraphs of my posts don’t appeal to wanting to read further… and that it’s all about myself.  The advice given was that it should be about the reader not the writer.  I did reply that if it was about me people could say I’m self centred… and if it was about others people could say that I’m judgmental or condemning or self righteous.

This blog is called REFLECTIONS.. and it is a compilation of reflections of my daily life, visions, incidents that I come across etc… It is about how God is teaching me, rebuking me, correcting me, moulding me, building me up, restoring me, healing me etc… Baring myself to transparency, I share this in the hope that someone else can be touched through my experiences or even safeguarded.. and also that the readers can realise that EVERY aspect of life, every incident of life is a means of God speaking to us… It’s about yielding our lives fully to God’s lordship not out of fear but with the trust that He knows best and that He will then lead us to walk in His ways… Every incident is a teaching tool.  Didn’t God use a donkey (or two) in the Bible?

I can never please people and I’m not trying to please people.  After constant nudging from God when I finally yielded to obedience and set out to start this blog nearly 6 years ago, I made a promise to God that my focus will not be on numbers.  I committed the blog in prayer that each post would touch even just ONE person somewhere out there in the world – to encourage or to rebuke or to build up… and that I trusted God to bring the people who need to read a particular post to do so.

Yes, I do share the posts on some pages too as well as on Google, Linkedin and send out email updates.  If someone has to read it, it will catch their eye and their curiosity.. and if doesn’t, well I then know it isn’t meant for them.. and that’s fine by me.

This is a non profitable blog site… and the only desire I have that this blog will be a  means for God to touch someone.  I’m not getting any revenue from this or through this.. I haven’t raised support through this either.  However, I do believe that one person who was touched through this blog has given support towards my ministry and personal needs 2-3 times over the years.  The focus isn’t that – although I did appreciate the support given my faith living.

I would appreciate your intercession over this blog… that it will reach and touch who it is meant to reach and touch.  I thank you for your partnership in sharing the blog posts time to time to be God’s vessel to reach more people.  I would also appreciate your intercession over the Kenosis ministries also for the fulfilment of the visions that God has laid on my heart.. and for provision for all these to continue and expand including my living expenses as I serve Him in this part of the world!

I thank God for the testimonies I have received from readers.. I thank God for the divine inspiration to keep writing all these years… and I praise God for His intervention in sowing the seed in peoples hearts to grow in intimacy with Him.

He just loves us so much that He simply longs for us to run into His embrace and presence!

That’s what it’s all about 🙂


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