Shift in the Atmosphere

These last few days there have been marked shifts in the atmosphere.  As I gaze into the skies I feel God speaking to me.. but I wasn’t sure what He was saying.  Day after day, I keep finding myself mesmerised to what lies ahead of me, my feet glued to the eyes taking it all in and my fingers clicking away with my digital camera and my phone camera… No lenses can justify the breathtaking vision ahead.

The featured image was taken a few days ago and that was just a glimpse of many more.. I do share a number of the photos on instagram (priya.favoured).,  I feel led to write this today even though I have already posted to the blog today..

The array of clouds were so puffed up and colourful .. filled with glory.. as if the heavens are coming down… This was a layer of electric charge of power, God’s power.  I couldn’t help think of Paul’s writing of going to the 7th heaven.. This layer was pretty much like a realm above the normal natural clouds that we see daily.  I so won’t be surprised if I see angels worshipping and interceding in this realm one of these days!

Rainbows have been catching my attention 3 days in a row as well.. This was in addition to a few other rainbows in 2017 itself.

As I was trying to take it all in, I found myself thanking God saying “Surely your mercy and goodness will follow me all the days of my life”.

Heavens coming to earth… perhaps this shift is to get a taste of what it would be like.. perhaps it’s God asking us to get our priorities right..

In which order does your priority lay?  Is it about me, my family, my house .. and then share leftovers with others who please me but who can take things my way?  Or is it about seeking FIRST the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.. and trusting that God will then meet all our other needs?

There is no point trying to work for earthly treasures or having a spotless house or studying the end times in and out, forward and backwards if we are unable to have a deep intimacy with the Father!

From the intimacy with Father, His love flows in us and through us enabling us to fulfill the greatest commandments… Through abiding in Him we will naturally bear good fruit..  Our words, our ways will become pleasing and those that build up not tear down.. There will be less and less envy, competition, greed, selfish ambition along with the rest of the acts of the fleshly nature and there will be more and more fruit of the Spirit evident in our lives.  Prejudices and condemnation and bullying will go flying out the window… We will begin to see things and people through the eyes of God and be His vessels of love and reaching out.

Loving others as it suits us and to love those who will second all our wrongdoings is not what love is all about.  Jesus loved Judas right to the very end despite knowing he was going to betray Him.. Of course we seek God’s discernment as Jesus does tell us to be harmless as doves and wise as serpents.

God is giving us a taste of heaven on earth today.. Are you going to look up into the wondrous skies and feel His presence and be wrapped up in His love and spurred onto what you have to do!



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