I Dared Not

Yes.. back to yet another reflection based on the word game that I play!!  As I first started playing a couple of years ago, I was getting an average of about 50%. During that month I noticed I was at 31,000 rank.  I was getting disheartened yet I persevered.  Eventually I reached the 70% average. I remember pouting thinking it was unfair that new players had to start competing with people who had been playing for a much longer time and thus ahead in rank.  How could I even make much progress on the leader board?  Over the years however, I began to get used to the touch screen on the smart phone as well as the game (except on sweaty days when my finger is often slipping off and annoying me), I find that my average score has reached the 90+ percentile.  Yes, more often than not I’m in the top 10 percent.

However, I dared not to hope that I would make it in the top 10 rank.  I was happily making progress in the overall rank and have now landed at an overall rank of 2215.  I have made it in the top 10 rank about 30 times.. with my highest rank being 5th a few times..  Then one time I managed to get 4th place.. and I still dared not to even hope of getting even a little bit ahead than that.  Yesterday I was in a shock when I saw I had got the second place that I by the time I decided to take a screen shot, my fingers hadn’t recovered from the shock!!

Very often we are like this in our spiritual walk.  We evaluate how far we are going to get based on what we see, on our analysis of the circumstances, on what we think of ourselves and our potentials and capacities… the list goes on… We often under estimate ourselves or what we can achieve because we are looking through our limited lenses.  Some of us get so disheartened and discouraged and fall along the wayside.

Yet God knows it all and He has given us the victory over every obstacle and opposition whether from the world, the flesh or the enemy!   Yes, we may not be called to be in the limelight and make it to the top in the way the world would perceive it.  But we are already in the top because we are His children!  What can beat that? Seriously!

When we are upheld in the righteous right hand of our Heavenly Father who created the Universes and everything in it,  why do we fear?  God has got us.. and we dare to persevere… We need not dare to make it to the worldly top but when we persevere throwing off all that hinders us, we will cross over obstacles and oppositions over time.


The time process is never wasted.. it’s a learning curve… a time of getting into deeper intimacy with the Father.. a time of increased restoration of ourselves and thus visible transformation… a time of getting to know clearer and clearer what God’s will is for our lives and STEPPING into it.

Are you gonna PERSEVERE and CROSS OVER the THRESHOLD no matter what may come… All what comes in the way will be SHATTERED into pieces… March forward and see the expansion of God’s Kingdom with God also using you as a vessel!!


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