God’s Presence – Omnipresent

A crow was trying to be smart or rather it was being smart.. I chased it off from where it was perched on the window, it plonked itself on the other end of the balcony on the wall! arrghh.. I finally did a karate style kick (thankfully the wall would have concealed that craziness to those outside!) – well what can I do, my hands were full.  Chocolate biscuits in one hand and a mug of coffee in the other… I guess I’m not only one who was in a peckish mood!  The kick did it – it flew off to perch itself on another house roof.  Yes the kick did it, the crow spoiled my mood to relax… so I went back into my rented apartment.

I plonked myself on the bed.. checked my messages and enjoying the cool breeze of the time of the day the sun begins to say goodbye folks, I suddenly glanced through my bedroom window. I was absolutely startled to see this short yet ever so bright and wide arc of an rainbow simply dazzling my eyes… I didn’t pause to slip on my flip flops but grabbed my phone and ran outside the room back into the hall and right back onto the balcony.  There it was… flaunting itself for long, allowing me to take photos..

What startled me was the fact that the rain was absent, the environment wasn’t really cloudy or dark… but there it was.. and it remained for quite a while.  Totally mesmerised, I plonked myself on the window panel just taking it all in… watching a second one faintly appear for a while.. All the while I was amused at God’s sense of humour trying to get my undivided attention after my Martha of a day of cleaning and scrubbing the apartment.

People were on the road below.. totally oblivious to the beautiful presentation above in the skies.. chatting with others or running towards the train station.

I continued to gaze at the rainbow which was stubbornly refusing to fade but it finally had to relent with much resistance… How beautiful and marvellous is His presence.  Once there were no traces of the stroke of 7 hues left in the sky, I heard a thunder rumbling above!

He is God.. He works outside the box as after all isn’t He the creator of the Universes and all that is in it?  Who does He have to listen to?  He sets the pace as He wants and when He wants! And He can.. He is Sovereign and Almighty.

How often are we like those people oblivious to the rainbow?  God’s presence is always there.. He is omnipresent.. but when He shows Himself real or when He is just simply there, how often do we miss out on Him, His love, His embrace because we are pre-occupied with whatever it is that we are doing?

The timing of this rainbow wasn’t a coincidence in my life.  God has always had a way of revealing His love and encouraging me through a rainbow whenever I’m low.  These last few days I had been waging much warfare and was feeling so discouraged.  I kept asking God to show me the rainbow… that I needed to know that I was on the right path… But instead of revealing the rainbow like He usually does, the last few days He awed me with incredible displays of clouds in a way that I have never seen before.  I took it all in…

The night before I saw the rainbow, I went to bed writing down in my journal being inspired by God that the obstacles may keep coming in “but God’s gonna turn it around like nobody’s business“.  Prior to that God had revealed a powerful vision through someone else to speak over the situation that had been weighing me down.  This morning (of seeing the rainbow) even though I was scurrying around catching up with housework, all the while I kept declaring God’s Word and promises and claiming the various prophecies breaking out much in tongues..and I had been thanking Him and praising Him too.

And then as I had sat down for the day, to embark on my work (non housework)… He caught my attention.. Yes my child..

A raven getting my attention followed by the rainbow!!  Now that’s interesting!


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