Buffet Time

As I love cooking various types of cuisines, it goes to say I enjoy eating too… Variety, colours, textures, exotic flavours – I simply enjoy savouring them.  So when I go to a buffet meal, it’s not easy to know what to choose.  How do YOU choose what to serve on your plate?

I don’t enjoy over powering or conflicting flavours on the one plate as then you don’t get to enjoy any of them. When I go to buffet meals I often select an item that I don’t cook often or never cook given restriction of budget or accessibility of ingredients.  There is only a limit to the variety that I can serve to my plate for a particular meal (I’m not talking about the capacity as we all know we can take further servings on an another clean plate) to ensure that is indeed savoured to the last bite.

To make the most of it, without getting sick to the stomach and to avoid not enjoying anything, we need to be CHOOSY of what we serve in the first place.  If there is left overs from what we served then either the food isn’t up to mark or we have made some wrong choices that we couldn’t eat it all.

Isn’t the way we make life choices pretty much the same way?  There is so much out there that we can take on ending up with a full plate – over flowing too perhaps.  The wrong choices lead us to negative consequences too.  The right way of choosing is to set our priorities and our boundaries.  Are we selecting a few things for temporal pleasures and spreading ourselves thin that we let go of the true treasures?

Some guys will let go of the marriage material girls to satisfy the lust of the flesh… Or they will pursue their other friendships or ambitions or careers only to find that at the end of the day they are lonely or these don’t fulfil and then it’s too late to regret the choice of letting go the one who would have been a comparable helper.

Likewise many do the same of letting go of choosing God and seeking eternal treasures in order to satisfy the lusts of the flesh and seek perishable temporary treasures.  When natural disasters or thefts hit and they lose it all, or when the health gets affected or the body frail, they realise it isn’t the money after all, it isn’t the exploring of the world or the travelling or the urge to keep moving and changing for one’s own discontentment… And at that point it may be too late or it may be understood then that life was wasted, our purpose wasn’t fulfilled and all along despite the varied pursuits of world standards, that there was a biggg void all along.. a void that could have only been filled by God.. The greatest helper and the One who will never leave us nor forsake us if only we would reach out to His helping hand!

All things are permissible but not all things are beneficial or constructive for us.

When we are led by the Holy Spirit, we will be directed to the PERFECT choices of life that fulfill and satisfy.. with the transcending peace of Jesus Christ in the midst of all the storms and trials life offers.

Yet to come to this point, we need to begin somewhere… we begin by evaluating the norm of the worldly trends (no, it’s not all about getting a degree, pursuing a marriage, climbing the corporate ladder and all in that order..), it’s about NOT CONFORMING to the ways of the world but allowing God to TRANSFORM us by the RENEWING (making new of) our minds.

Make sure that you aren’t giving up the things and people that really do count,

by heaping up the plate of your life with the wrong choices of the buffet of the world!


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